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Upper Playground Street Supplies

Upper Playground has been supporting street artists in its stores and galleries for ten years, so it only makes sense that they would start stocking the tools to make the art. At the Upper Playground web store’s new department for graffiti supplies, you can now buy spray paint, markers and fatcaps from Montana and Krink. This should be great news for the homecoming of UP alumni, David Choe. He’s currently doing a stint in China and recently blogged about all the cheap watery paint.

Squidfire's New Digs

Squidfire has long been one of our preferred online purveyors of choice apparel. Their hand illustrated, hand printed gear has regularly illicited “ooh” and “aaah” sounds from those who gaze upon their killer creations. For the longest time the only way to get a hold of these wondrous wares was to catch the founders cruising around in their Cadillac or surf over to their online store, pick something you liked and then wait a few days for the delivery man. Luckily for those who favor instant gratification over automobile pursuits and parcel post, Squidfire has opened up a new avenue for compiling more quality clothing in the form of their very first store on West 36th Street in Baltimore. If you happen to find yourself in the Hampden neighborhood of “the Greatest City In America” do yourself a favor and get some of their brand new tees…or if you’re not planning a trip to B’more you can still buy them online.

Just Be Complex

Just Be Complex is a pretty comprehensive store with a lot of original artwork for sale, along with some books, magazines, toys, videos, and a nice selection of clothing and some good rare nikes–it’s quite the little e-shop. It looks to me like the store is a part of the Just Be Design, Compound Gallery group in Portland, Oregon. The Just Be Design site features a lot of great artists and designers– and they hold shows downtown in Portland in their gallery. Their mission seems to be to build a creative bridge between the Japanese and American art and design communities–Keep it up!

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