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Yoshii Restaurant: Sydney


Wandering around Sydney on my second night here, I found what turned out to be the gem of all gems– a small sushi restaurant in The Rocks area of town called Yoshii. No a la carte, just three different prix fixe menus to choose from.

I chose the Sashimi and Sushi course, which started with a small appetizer, and then a delightful array of beautiful fresh sashimi, and then sushi. The tuna, salmon (Tasmanian I assume) and unagi melted in my mouth. As good as any I’ve ever tasted. Between the sashimi and sushi courses I was given a lemon grass champagne sorbet to cleanse my pallet. A fantastic idea!

Next time I definitely need to try the long Yoshii Course menu though– with kitchen dish highlights like a seafood crepe filled with whiting and crystal bay prawn, and deep fried tooth fish tempura. I’ll be back before my trip is over, that’s for sure!

The Art Traders: Sydney

You know that person: the one who, all of a sudden, decides to pack in all their worldly possessions and move across the world in order to find that certain something missing in their lives. There’s a lot of love for this person because, most times, they have some really great stuff they end up just giving away to their friends, who then accept bucketloads of compliments for the art they actually didn’t spend the time picking out or paying for.

(Friends in New York and L.A. who recently benefited from the liquidation of my personal collection: you’re welcome.)

Having taken up residence in Sydney last week, I was lamenting my blank walls and making plans to remedy this situation. Coming across The Art Traders was both a revelation and a kick in the guts at the same time. Curating a Southern Hemisphere art collection will be a piece of cake from here on out, but it also has me wishing I didn’t just gift my Yoshitomo Nara sketches away. Yolande Gray and Fiona McIntosh sell the art of Sydneysiders’ on consignment and have compiled a fantastic assortment of contemporary and Aboriginal art, spanning all pricepoints and tastebuds. Check them out online at The Art Traders, or visit them in Sydney at 134 Darlinghurst Road, Darlinghurst.

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