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NoPattern 2012


Old friend Chuck Anderson of NoPattern has released a few new goodies for the holiday season. Above is his latest NoPattern Calendar– a 7×7 calendar packaged inside a black vinyl record sleeve screenprinted with gold ink, signed and numbered in an edition of 300.

There are also some new t-shirts. Two of the six latest shirts are below. Great stuff.

Josh Spear readers can used the code jspear for $5 off their order in the store. Enjoy!


Threadless: Good Shirts

636x460shirt guys 01

My friends Justin and Christine of Wants For Sale and Needs For Sale fame have collaborated with the fine folks at Threadless to bring some much needed support to Unicef this holiday season. Check out the collection.

UNICEF Good Shirts

As you probably know, the worst humanitarian crisis in the world is developing in the Horn of Africa with severe drought and increasing famine. 13 million people are in need of aid, including 4 million children.

Doesn’t look like anyone has splurged for the $300,000 Cargo Flight shirt yet, but you never know.

Maybe $3,064.82 Motorbike T-shirt will do though. Love it, great work guys.

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