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Pilemon T-Shirt


Of all the wacky cross-culture mash-ups that come out of Japan, this one gets serious chutzpah points: Phenomenon paired seminal post-punk band, Public Image Limited, with animated feline time-traveler, Doraemon on two new T-shirts. The graphic mixes PiL’s logo with a more subtle reference to the cat’s colors, whiskers and collar. Of course if it takes you a minute to make the connection, Phenomenon sends it home by titling the shirt Pilemon. I think it’s both brilliant and bizarre to pay combined homage to an important band that released its greatest hits (so far) album in 1990 and an anime icon who fell into the shadow of Sanrio, but it does beg three questions: 1) Precisely how many people listen to post-punk and watch anime? 2) Why now? And 3) How quickly is John Lydon going to call his lawyer about this? Looks like white is already sold out. Black is available here.

Headline Shirts

iheartsf_kgr_m_443.jpg davinci_blk_m_443.jpg

The economic climate has given designers good reason to be concerned, but kudos to San Francisco’s snarky Headline Shirts for bringing smiles to T-shirt buyers’ faces in the best way they know how–cotton and cartoons. With 20 top end menswear stores predicted to be out of business by the end of the year, Chris Gorog, the founder of Headline’s parent brand Revel Industries, says T’s have been the most recession-proof of his three lines (which include the mid-market menswear line REVL and the top-end Gythamander, whose silk neckwear is worth saving up for). The American-made shirts, which include “Party like it’s 1929″ in Dirty Dancing-inspired font, are sold everywhere from Canada to Japan and printed with eco-friendly inks. A series of “I heart NY” shirts include a nod to the Cold War with “I (hammer and sickle) the 80s” and “I (bike tire where stolen frame once was) SF,” which is being introduced in a new local line out today. How’s that for intelligently inspired apparel?

Monsieur T Summer Collection


Monsieur T has always provided us with plenty of kick ass tees to rave about on a regular basis. However, with the sizzling season officially upon us, our good friends have upped the ante on their kick ass-ness to not only warm the cockles of our hearts, but our otherwise naked torsos as well. Their scorching new Summer ’09 collection features designs from a gaggle of top-notch talents such as Arbito (best known for teaming up with MHAK, and Evan B. Harris). While there’s no shortage of eye-popping graphics on this set, there are very limited quantities of the actual shirts. So whether you’re walking around half-naked and need to cover up to get into that fast food restaurant or you’re just looking for a top that will catch that special someone’s attention while cruising the skate park this summer, we suggest you head on over to the Monsieur T website and grab something before they’re all gone.

Future of Music T-shirts?

got-music-t-shirt-k.jpgAll this chatter of Mos Def and his album on a t-shirt makes us happy. Music Tee’s we spotted last week are coming out in full force. My next question is simple though: What stops people from taking a camera phone picture of the download code on the t-shirt without purchasing it? Similar to the days kids used to bring razor-blades into the record store and slide out the CD quick and undetected. I hope we don’t ever have t-shirts locked up behind security as records and other hard media (DVD’s etc) have now. I’m excited to watch for sales figures of the Mos Def T-shirt ($40) to see if it has legs.

Funemployed: Irina Blok


Remember those awesome Fashion Surgical Masks to protect yourself against Swine Flu? Designer Irina Blok is at it again with her project entitled Funemployed. She’s still unemployed and looking for a job as an Art Director (if I was hiring Art Directors, I’d grab her in a second), so she decided to print her resume (and anyone who asks) on a t-shirt, and produce a series of awesome buttons like “Laid Off, Funemployed, Got Job? I Buy Caviar With Food Stamps"“ and many more after the jump for $2.00 each. All advertising her search for a job. Good luck Irina!


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