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Willo O'Brien

Meeting artist and self-proclaimed "geekyfantastic" entrepreneur Willo O'Brien becomes a run down of phases that start with "I like your""¦ angel wing earrings (she makes them by hand), “Eat. Sleep. Rock. Repeat.” T-shirt (she sells them on the WilloToons shop online, laptop bag (reviewed in one of her recent blog posts), and the list goes on. The San Francisco-based illustrator and graphic designer said she was tired of making pretty things for other people and wanted to put her creativity and illustrations on her own products when she opened up shop two years ago. O'Brien's baby onesies and adult t-shirts featuring octopi and rocker squirrels have been a hit. The line should transition to 100% organic later this year and will be selling "Don't you know who I am?" apparel until then.

Glyph Cue

The debut line of T-shirts from Glyph Cue is brought to us by the colors black, gray and blue, spun together to present their name in innovative graphics. Each image from these Portland, Mainards (including one Matt W. Moore) deserves a prolonged stare, as they remodel constellations, hieroglyphics, and the classic yin-yang in new ways. Our fave is the optical illusion infused fractal design on their Big Bang print.

Cookies 'n' Cream: Attack of the Herd

Followers and fakers beware — Cookies ‘n’ Cream prepare to drop their Spring ’09 line with a lookbook featuring a few folks who are the real deal. Up and coming MC Emilio Rojas and NYC event promoter/tastemaker Jason “Che Guerrilla” Negron help show off the hot new Attack of The Herd collection, which takes aim at the posers and pretenders with four vicious designs. Featured shirts contain images that parody the birth of branded “cool” and send the message that if you’re not being true to yourself, Cookies ‘n’ Cream know, and they can see you posing with your skateboard from their perch on the corner of Hype and Fresh.

Monsieur T x Hecklewood: Noir, Blanc, et Gris

The last time Monsieur T and Hecklewood collaborated on an art exhibit it was to show off some serious skate decks. Having enjoyed success with their Wood Pushers exhibit back in December, two of our favorite tee design lines are primed for yet another brilliant presentation. The spanking new Noir, Blanc, et Gris exhibit at Hecklewood Gallery in Portland is all set to roll out with a reception on March 5th from 7 to 10 p.m. The show will feature contributions from Spear favorites like Royal Remarkable, working within the color scheme of black, white, and gray.


Giveaway: Behance Create T-Shirts


Ready to move from creative to creation? Want to spread the word that you’re action oriented? We’ve got a handful of very limited T-shirts here from our friends over at Behance, founders of the Behance Network and Action Method, the ultimate tools to find inspiration and get things done.

Want one? Leave a comment with color and size preferences and we’ll choose a few lucky winners at random next week.

Dirty Launderette

Nearly everyone will come up with a great T-shirt idea at least once in their life, but not everyone will see it produced. Whether you’ve got some sick design skills or a great slogan, your tee deserves to be seen by the masses. Dirty Launderette wants to make your wearable wish come true. The new shirt-based social networking site asks users to create profiles and upload their one of a kind clothing content. Creations are then voted on by the online design community (or the friends they get to join it) over the course of a three week cycle. Once that cycle stops spinning, the winning design is added to the Dirty Launderette shop and the designer gets a free copy. Reap fashionable rewards by voting, purchasing tees and posting pictures to earn free clothing. Sounds like a pretty sweet deal to us.

Moody x Pulp Fiction Typography Tees

We can’t get enough of solid movies from the 90s, so we were floored when we spotted art student Jarratt Moody‘s typographic renderings of classic lines from Pulp Fiction. Now Moody — who is also a member of the band The Fantastic World of Lisa Frank — is back with something a little more tactile. Zazzle is selling stark T-shirts printed with Moody’s signature style and more classic quips from Samuel L. Jackson’s cuss-slinging character, Jules Winnfield. Still holding out for an XXL “Ezekiel 25:17″ tee, though.

Adam Szary Tees

Perhaps you have a penchant for geek chic but you don’t want to look like you just walked out of a comic convention. Adam Szary, illustrator and comic artist for the Z Crisis and December 2105 series, has a line of tees and tanks showcasing his works that will let you flaunt your love of zombies, well-endowed women, or aliens without the shame of admitting you know who Jim Lee is and can name all of the comics he’s worked on. The images printed on his apparel line feature characters from his books and while these simple pen and ink drawings are usually somewhat grotesque in nature, others like the “Hell Kitty” are just amusing.

T for Two

Showing your significant other just how much you care is an important part of any relationship (hint: Valentine’s Day is next Saturday). Might we recommend the T for Two? The dynamic T-shirt duo comes in two styles and features a design that, when worn with a partner, completes the sentiment — and it still looks pretty boss should you drift apart. Unlike the “I’m With Stupid”  brand, this set of shirts from Think Creative proves being together just makes sense.

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