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Jamie Oliver’s TED Wish


“I wish for your help to create a strong, sustainable movement to educate every child about food, inspire families to cook again and empower people everywhere to fight obesity.”

Pitch in and learn how you can help here. I’m sure the video will be up soon, Jamie was fantastic.

Touchdown at TED2010


I’m in Long Beach for TED 2010, and the vibe here is great. The speaker lineup looks simply incredible. Already did a bit of an exciting helicopter tour (see some shots from the sky here) in a bit of a rain storm around LA and looking forward to a seirous brain safari starting tomorrow! Blogging every session from here is hard, but tweeting isn’t, so follow on.

TED 2008 Coverage: Recommended Reading

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Okay, I admit it. I’ve been selfish. I’ve been shying away from live blogging this year at TED, and mostly been twittering overheards and interesting things throughout the conference– it’s a lot easier, and lets me truly focus on the brain safari that is the incredible TED experience.
If you’re dying for coverage as it happens (I certainly would be) here’s who is on the ball here:

Ethan Zuckerman has great coverage, as does Mark from BoingBoing– both are doing a fantastic job (yeah, disciplined bloggers!).

Still want more? Spend some time on the TED 2008 Flickr Stream, and of course, the official TED blog is always a good place to get involved…

Highlights from the conference so far that made me think:

Amy Tan talks about how, and more importantly why she writes.

Yves Behar speaks about the value of design from the inside out (go Jawbone contest, go!).

Irwin Redlener tells us how to survive a suitcase nuke in NYC, absolutely terrifying slideshow.

Robert Lang, the power (and mathematics) of Origami– and the real world applications. Check out his site and work, he was incredible!

More soon…

Spearlocator: TED 2008

It’s that time of the year again, when I pop out to San Francisco and the Bay Area for a few days before going to the incredible TED conference in Monterey, California. This years speaker lineup aims to answer questions like “Who are we?” “What is art?” “What is love?” and “What is evil” in, as they describe, unexpected ways. The whole lineup can be read on the site now, and I’m jazzed as ever to see folks like friend and site mainstay Kaki King, Chris Jordan, Bob Geldof, and Al Gore (again), as they all take the stage and blow the room away, for 18 minutes each. I’ll surely be covering highlights on the blog as it happens. I can’t wait! Stay tuned.

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TED 2008 Speakers Announced

The speaker lineup for the legendary and incredible TED Conference I attend in Monterey, California just released their speaker lineup for the event — 50 days away! — and it is seriously stellar. As the folks at TED say, their most ambitious to date (I’m not surprised, they don’t play around); a diverse group of folks like Kaki King (love her) alongside author Dave Eggers, John Knoll, Walter Isaacson, industrial designer Yves Behar (he did the Jawbone) to name a few. And of course, Al Gore will make another appearance on the same stage he announced his film, An Inconvenient Truth. The yearly brain safari I alluded to last year in all my TED 2007 posts is almost here. I can’t wait! Be sure to check out the whole program here, because you know you can look forward to them as TED Talks in the future.

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