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3D Soundclash: London

How do we hear sound in three dimensions?  Check this video out, very interesting. People dancing to sounds moved around a room by a 3D joy-stick. Up to the ceiling and down through the ground.  Sophisticated and futuristic.

Scenter Sniffers

kawamura-ganjavian_scenter_studiokg_03.jpeg kawamura-ganjavian_scenter_studiokg_02.jpeg

What would you put in your Scenter?  What smell do you want to sniff throughout your day?

One particular scent can bring back more memories than a thousand pictures. Wouldn’t it be fantastic to store smells the same way we store photographs? SCENTER is a depository of scents. Concentrated personal fragrances can be stored inside compact cartridges, their scent being released through a nozzle upon pressing the bellows thus evoking the memories embedded in them. Via Joan Spear

QR “Built Codes” For Frisk

QR “Built Code” using Frisk mints in Japan.  Check it out.

SET is now promoting the use of what we call “built” codes. We believe that these codes offer brands a unique opportunity to connect the real world to the online world. In the coming months we will be looking to incorporate these “built” codes not only into print media but also into outdoor stunts and events that allow the consumer to truly interact with the code in fun and exciting ways.

The Walt Disney Org Chart


This is wild (or wildly awesome). Via Jeff Staple

In 1943, five years after it was founded and during the height of World War II, Walt Disney Studios put out an organization chart to explain how the company functioned. What’s fascinating is how it differs from org charts issued by most corporations.

Reknit It: Sustainable Clothing


Absolutely fantastic. Every month this guy’s mom takes your old knitted garment and turns it into something new. Sustainable clothing, it’s called Reknit.

For January she’s turning your old sweaters into scarves. They’re available in 2 styles and are $30 each.

The note is great: If your sweater contains only one color, a complementing color will be picked & used for the stripes by my mom.

A Weekend With a DB9 Volante


Back in August some friends at Aston Martin and Gotham Dream Cars hooked me up with a brand new DB9 for the weekend (Thanks again guys!). I originally intended to write a blow by blow story of my experience but every time I put pen to paper I got nowhere but one single word.  Perfection.  Driving the DB9 was an absolute pleasure.

Fantastic pictures courtesy of my brother Micah Spear.

Rather than a narrative, I’ll share a couple things I’ll never forget:

  • The attention to detail inside these cars is incredible. No corner, crevice or surface was left without excruciating attention to the detail. Stitching, beautiful woods, fabrics, and so on.  The craftsmanship was just gorgeous.  I guess that’s what being hand built gets you.
  • There is no open road in New England that can handle this car.  It’s built for speed. There was no straight away long enough, no hill windy enough.  You need a race track or the European countryside to truly enjoy what’s under the hood.  We did our best though. Promise.
  • Low clearance.  Low clearance.  I repeat, low clearance. Everywhere I went I was afraid I was going to scuff up the front lip.  I didn’t!
  • I need to get me one of these.  Unquestionably a dream car.

What a treat. On with the pictures!

db92.jpg db93.jpg db94.jpg db95.jpg db96.jpg db97.jpg db98.jpg db99.jpg db910.jpg db911.jpg db912.jpg

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