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Natural Selection Exhibition: London


NATURAL SELECTION‘ will be a non selling exhibition including works by Adam Neate, Jose Parla, Phil Frost, Boris Tellegen (DELTA), Anthony Lister, James Marshall (DALEK), Futura, Mark Dean Veca, Ron English, Stash, WK Interact, Snug and Andrew McAttee.

The exhibition opens on Saturday 31st October, but there will be a private reception between 7 – 9pm on Monday 2nd November. The exhibition continues until 12th December 2009 and is at the Atkinson Gallery: Millfield, Street, Somerset BA16 0YD

T.Magic: Recession-Inspired Art

TMagic Desktop Collectibles (Art)-2-1.jpg

British street artist T. Magic has just released a new collection of recession-inspired artwork entitled Desktop Collectibles. These 9 mini-canvases have depictions of his dark social commentary/affirmations like “Art Is My Hustle” “Success Is My Destiny” and “Pain Is My Glory…” These canvases are painstakingly small (4×4 inches) supported with a tiny little handmade easel.  It took the artist 50 days to create this super-limited (tiny) collection. I like the first one best! £50 each. Very Warhol.

Oliver Bishop Young: Skip Conversions


If the popular saying that one man’s trash is almost certainly another man’s treasure is true, that might make a dumpster (or skips as they’re call in the UK) the equivalent of a jewelry store. While we haven’t seen any diamond encrusted watches being peddled out refuse receptacles as of late, we think that might be a plausible undertaking for the likes of Oliver Bishop Young. The eco-conscious UK artist specializes in converting large rubbish bins to suit more enjoyable activities such as skating, swimming or just plain lounging around. So, the next time someone calls your living space a dump, you might not consider that such a bad thing.

Jean-Charles de Castelbajac x Triumph of the Sign

Jean-Charles de Castelbajac might have a remarkable name to say (try it) but he also has quite an impressive rap sheet considering this as his first solo show as an artist. Coming from a high profile fashion background, his artwork makes several references to his fashion career (as in labels everywhere). In fact, it isn’t just labels but brands of all kinds that infest themselves over classic art pieces. Thought provoking work to say the least.

The show is at gallery Paradise Row, a small gallery in deep East London. It is totally worth the trek through apartment buildings because once you get inside the space is amazing. Castelbajac’s show is paired with a Mad Max-type installment of wood shops and houses. The show only runs till 2 May, so get over to it quick!


We all try to eat healthy, but what do you do when it’s mid-afternoon and you need a pickup, but you need to stay at work? Usually that means a vending machine snack. That was until we discovered Graze. It’s a simple concept: fresh fruits are delivered to your office every couple days. Their website allows you to choose the natural snack you’d like and how often. Then, whatever day you select, a little box arrives just in time. Unfortunately it’s U.K. only. Delivered boxes begin at £2.99, which usually is cheaper and easier than running down to corner shop, and Graze has a special promotion running for half off your first box.

Kinetica Art Show

Holy sci-fi robot laser art! The Kinetica Art show opens in London this weekend. It is billed as an art fair for  “carnivorous lampshades, pole dancing robots, man-animal-machine hybrids, mechanical writing machines, mesmerizing light sculptures and cybernetics.” It’s as if art from the future has found a time machine and shown up in London for one long weekend only. If you are in town be sure to check this one out.

Saturday 28 February: 10:00 – 22:00hrs
Sunday 1 March: 11:00 – 22:00hrs
Monday 2 March: 09:00 – 16:00hrs

35 Marylebone Road

Neil Duerden New in '09

We’ve been following the work of Neil Duerden for a few years now. So we were thrilled when he launched some updates to his website and prints. Neil is known mostly for his stunning work combining organic photographs with explosive colorful scenes. His new work features his amazing ability to take images to new levels and almost other worlds of color. Check out his new works on his portfolio site or his blog. He’s opened up a few of his images to be purchased as prints from Click for Art.


In this era of mass production, it’s pretty common to happen upon a killer tee only to find out your not the first to sport it in public. Despite the disappointment you must press on with your unique fashion sense. Muazo, the British online shop, features some of the dopest designs outside of the realm of the big brands with items ranging from hot hoodies by Tolky Monkys to ever-so slick backpacks from Built NY. And, there’s plenty more where that comes from.

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