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Rubber Duck

When you’ve got offices both in Los Angeles and Copenhagen, all style bases that matter are covered. That’s Rubber Duck‘s explanation for having addresses on two continents in the northern hemisphere, a justification that’s working ’cause their line of Miami sunglasses is turning the right heads. It’s got the classic Wayfarer-inspired shape in hot colors, but the tint on the shades updates ‘em so they’re not so bland ’80s, which we agree has too far outlived its resurrection. Rubber Duck’s also got some interesting basic drugstore tennis shoes that come adorned in solid to plaid colorways that while holler back to your elementary-school days, could become a fave and a new classic. We’re not against that.

Rhombus Wear: Store Open!

Just a couple of weeks ago, I mentioned Rhombus Wear, the clothing line by NY duo James and Lisa Clunie. This is the stuff created for the ultra-dope inner nerd creeping around in all of us. Their shirts feature patterns like “binary” and “standardized test;” there’s got to be a solid pick-up line hidden in a shirt that looks like a scantron test right?

This season’s collection is the first they’ve created and last I’d spoken to them, distribution wasn’t finalized. That’s all changed! They’ve now launched an online store on the Rhombus Wear site, making it uber-simple to find what you want and get it to your door, no fuss. Sweet action.
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International fashion label Closed just introduced (alongside their Fall collection) a new and beautiful site. Initially known for their creation of the first pedal-pushers (gasp!) in late 1970′s, Closed has maintained a history of staying a bit ahead of the trends, a characteristic they have nicely carried into their latest web design. In a palate of comforting, rainy day colors, the site immediately enters full screen mode, making clicking through their simply displayed men’s and women’s collections feel more like a private showing than an internet breeze-through. The styles themselves are certainly nice enough, but the real reason I felt like posting about them was so our readers could check out a example of a site that does an equally impressive job carrying out Closed’s overall brand message as it does displaying their product. I didn’t have any luck finding out who is responsible for this amazing site, but if anyone happens to know, be sure to let us know so we can give them a post of their own.

Rhombus Wear

Created for the inner nerd in all of us — the ultra-dope, inner nerd, that is — Rhombus Wear is a clothing line created by husband & wife team James and Lisa Clunie. She’s a fashion designer and he’s an art director. Their line was created to fit that little fashion niche you find in creative industries…you know, the one where we don’t have to wear a suit to work and wander around in jeans and flip-flops while trying to adhere to the unwritten code of what’s cool in a hipster-centric work environment like an ad agency. That niche.

The Rhombus line features a variety of dressed down clothes in plaids and custom prints like “standardized test” and “binary” — yes, like the computer code. Inspired by math and science, and art and design, Rhombus’ clothes are aimed squarely at creative professionals. So if you’re getting sick of your Diesels and want something with that underground/no-one-knows-about-it-yet appeal, definitely keep an eye on Rhombus.

Anonymous Apparel: Sale

Break out the plastic, ’cause Anonymous Apparel is having a sale. We’ve told you about these guys before before; once when they opened for business, and again when they created a truly spot-on (get it?) shirt in support of the National Wildlife Federation. Now we’re telling you about them because they’re launching a new website, one that includes a blog, wholesaler access (for all you wholesalers out there), new items and "” most importantly "” 15% off all items on the site.

In their newly-juiced corner of the web, you’ll find T-shirts for men and women as well as jewelry and accessories. Some of the shirts are really sweet and some are slightly less so but I am, however, willing to stipulate that the shirts you like might very well be different from the shirts that I like, since that seems to be the way that taste in clothing works. That being said, I’m also willing to bet that you will find something here to like, and like hard — certainly hard enough to buy at 15% off.

New Popjunkie!

Aaron Feiger and Ashley Marcinczyk, the ridiculously talented duo behind Popjunkie (also, Romantic Static) have just released a tonne of new merch into their online store, and the nautically-inspired, historically whimsical offerings are definitely worth checking out. I love that their women’s shirts come not only in the standard baby-tee, but also in super-flirty babydoll and v-necks as well; the guys shirts are so rockin’ they have me doing the standard Carmel/Heather lament “if only I had a boyfriend to buy these for.” And, if you’re a total weirdo and tshirts aren’t your “thing,” you can also scoop some prints for your barren walls or throw pillows to cushion your uptight ass on. Score!

Now That's What I Call Friendship

Its been a month since our fashion-forward friends at Azalea were reborn as Tobi, and in celebration of their successful launch they are offering a 25% discount off of all full-priced items. For those of you unacquainted with Tobi, it’s kind of like the feisty younger sister of Shopbop; alongside a huge selection of classics like James Perse, Velvet, and Earnest Sewn, you can find lesser known men’s and women’s labels (like St. Augustine Academy, Brown Sound, GRN Apple Tree, and Harkham). Tobi also stocks bags, beauty products, and an awesome and progressive selection of eco-fashion. It’s actually been awhile since I checked out their inventory, and I have to say — whoever is doing their buying should be cast in bronze and worshiped, because they’re putting more established online shopping sites to shame, particularly on the men’s side. I could really go for a boyfriend right about now.

So head over and shop away, then enter the coupon code TOBIFRIEND at checkout to swipe 25% of your total out the window. Happy shopping, and thanks, Tobi!

Anna Tascha Larrson

I immediately realized my mistake yesterday as I settled in a cab heading downtown after leaving the IILWY office to meet Josh for dinner. I’d left behind both my iPod and brand new (and rather pricey) headphones behind, which generally means I will not, under any circumstances, get on the subway to come back to Brooklyn. After confirming that I had, in fact, left them there (also reconfirming that sometimes, I’m a total idiot) and deciding turning around was not an option, I mentally budgeted out cab fare back to Park Slope because in that sense, I am a total snob.

My self-annoyance was briefly replaced with amusement this morning when I saw Anna Tascha Larrson‘s earphone lariats. Available in both gold and silver, they reminded me of the old adage, “you’d forget your head if it wasn’t screwed on.” Because that, I would. The best part is they’re androgynous enough — in a totally awesome way — to be worn by both guys and girls. (I’m totally digging her “I’m With Stupid —>” necklace as well. So hot.)

via Fashionista

Threadless: I Listen To Bands

I just wanted to give a quick nod to this hilarious t-shirt that popped up recently at Threadless. There’s not much to say about it that you can’t decipher by reading the blatantly clear message that is the shirt. I especially enjoyed the message because it very much echos our sentiment regarding the pretentious cloud that sometimes drapes over the music scene. As of now, there are plenty of guys ($12) and girls ($14) tees in stock, but something tells me there’s going to be a run on these things!

PUMA x Starck Naked Body

Philippe Starck’s collaboration with PUMA has taken another architecturally seductive turn with Naked Body, a series of streamlined, skin-tight, and selectively see-through men’s and women’s wear. The story behind the collection has something to do with evolution and distraught Super Monkies, so we’re actually not going to get into it, but we are going to talk about a) how much some of this line resembles Milla Jovovich’s Jean Paul Gaultier get-up in The Fifth Element; and b) how we’re really into that, because that shit was SEXY. I can’t decide if I’d think this line will ultimately look chic or whorish, but I’m definitely anxious to find out. I had trouble finding the official release date or any information on availability, so if you know something we don’t, feel free to set us straight. Full-blown sexy, after the jump. (more…)

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