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Wooden Animal USB’s


Walnut, chestnut, mahogany, ash. Not typical materials you would find in the construction of USB drives. Lambria brings us a line of 2GB USB drives made entirely by hand representing cute little animals.

There are 5 animals from which you can choose: the dog, elephant, the gosling, the wild boar and the turtle. The packagings of these USB drives are well thought out with every animal designed in its natural environment: the bone for the dog, the pond for the gosling, the motor-racing track for the turtle, the forest for the wild boar and the savannah for the elephant.

StuckUK x Mixtape USB stick

We live in the age of MP3s, that’s no surprise. I can’t remember the last time that I bought a CD, but I still love making mix CDs for friends. The only problem is that it immediately gets put into a computer and ripped to an iPod. Kind of makes the whole CD stage a little wasteful. That is until I came across StuckUK’s Mixtape USB stick. It does just what you might imagine: puts a mix tape on an USB drive that fits inside of a little cassette tape case. The price is set at £20, which seems a little high for a 64 MB USB stick and a case shaped like a cassette tape. But for those times that a mix tape needs to say a little more than just an emailed zip file, it works. Plus you could easily reuse the USB drive for another mix.

Mimobot x Pink Meletta

In addition to being a time for Hallmark’s profits to spike, Valentine’s Day is time for the lovelorn to come together and make magic. In the romantic tradition of the holiday, Meletta, a designer MIMOBOT fashioned by our friends at Tokidoki is quite the smitten kitten — or smitten girl with a monkey on her head as it were. The new and improved mimobot goes by the appropriate name of Pink Meletta, and makes for the perfect token of affection for that special tech geek in your life.

14 Days of Chrismukkah: Mimobot Cosmobot x Christmas on Mars DVD

The Gift: It’s our Space-Race-On-Acid prize pack. If you missed Wayne Coyne and co. and their homemade holiday Martian movie, you have the chance to win one DVD copy of the Flaming Lips’ Christmas on Mars, bundled with a score/soundtrack CD and as a bonus, and we’ll throw in a Mimobot Cosmobot 2GB designer flash drive preloaded with the new MimoZine.

The Rules: Give us your best title and logline (that’s the part of the movie pitch where you go, it’s Beverly Hills Chihuahua meets Blade Runner) in the COMMENTS section. Only one entry per reader. Duplicate entries will be discarded.

The Deadline: The contest runs now through midnight on 12/7.

Sign up for the Mimoco newsletter here and for more information about the Flaming Lips here.

Mimoco x VDC Mimobot

It may take a whole village to raise a child, but it took an entire community of creative minds to put together the precious new MIMOBOT bundles of joy. The VDC MIMOBOT Series offers Mimoco’s first fan-designed versions of their flagship character-driven USB drives. The collection is the result of the Vimobot Design Contest and was chosen by whittling down a field of hundreds of artistic submissions on over-sized blank Vimobot vinyl toys to a scant final count of six winners. The new drive designs range in style from the semi-abstract to characters that more closely resemble the traditional MIMOBOT fare. To get your hands on these truly unique file ferrying friends, head on over to the Mimoco website and pick one up as they debut today.

8 GB Mimobots!

BIG changes are afoot at Mimoco.Their impossibly adorable, data hungry Mimobot creations just got a little data hungrier for your precious filing. Everyone’s favorite portable USB buddies are now available in 8GB incarnations. That’s twice the size as previously available! Whether you trust Boba Fett or prefer rayD8 to ferry around your files, you’ll be delighted by the sheer amount of info these drives can digest depending on what you want to feed it. The new Mimobots up the input ante by boasting the ability to stuff their faces with nearly 20,000 photos, 2,000 songs, or 2,500 minutes of video. All you have to do is find one you want to make your own.

Tokidoki Mimobot Winners!

It was a tough decision, but after sifting through all of the sometimes serious, sometimes hilarious, and generally well-written entries, we have decided on our tokidoki mimobot winners. First, a few gems from contestants that didn’t make the final cut, but still kicked some serious flash drive tail:

“For ease, we’ll name them 1, 2, and 3. Now, 2 is stuck in a predicament. He has to choose between two sets of friends. One represents the good friend, yet is carrying a pineapple grenade. This can best be compared to your best friend who has recently started with a substance abuse problem and is trying to get you to join him.” (We’ve all been there, Dumplins!)

“The pirate captain was known as USB-lackbeard” (Witty, Adam, witty)

“ketchup on noodles
why Japan oh goodness why
must you ruin food”

(Gillian’s got a grudge, and we like it.)

Coming in first for sheer effort: Timothy Nakayama; Second place: Emi, for the best all-around haiku’s; and second second place (yes, we can): Kary, for making us laugh in the shortest amount of sentences.

Winners, send your addresses to and we’ll hook you up with some tokidoki love. Thanks for participating, everyone — and thanks for making it happen, Mimoco!

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