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Watch Shepard Fairey @ Studio No. 2

Since Obama is now in his second hundred days (or twentieth business week, twelfth fortnight…) and people aren’t flocking to buy Hope related merchandise, you’d think that Shepard Fairey could take a nice summer vacation. But Arktip found the artist hard at work on a new print, complete with No Age‘s punk soundtrack and a nice short-attention-span montage. Makes me want to have a productive Monday.

Nike SB: Debacle


When word starting hitting the hypebeast sites that Nike was getting into skateboarding, there were plenty of doubters. Afterall, what does a company built on the waffle racer and Air Jordan’s know about the (pseudo) underground sport of skateboarding? The naysayers were silenced and now Nike is respected in the skate world having both a roster of talent and great kicks. One reason I think Nike has always been able to maintain it’s corporate dominance while garnering respect of their customers is they know how to gather the best talent and market themselves to their audience, in a way that shows they understand. That’s exactly what they have done with their new and revolutionary project Debacle. For Nike’s latest skate video, they teamed up with Adobe’s Experience Design (XD) team and Hega TV. Together, along with director Jason Hernandez’s leadership, they have produced a film that is inspiring and breathtaking, in full HD. Luckily for you, the viewer, they flipped the traditional distribution method on it’s head. Nike SB: Debacle is available first online for viewing and download, then a Blu-Ray version will be released later. By now I hope I have convinced you to go watch 30 minutes of the most progressive skateboarding today. Congrats to everyone involved.

James Jarvis x Nike Onwards

British illustrator and designer vinyl pioneer, James Jarvis, has teamed up with Nike for a whimsical non-linear animation. The project was proposed and produced by Jarvis with the end result being, he hopes, “a much more equal collaboration with a brand.” Although the idea was to explore characters that were not referential, Onward, explores the subject of running free, and is inspired by Jarvis’ own experiences: “a favourite run over Blanchland moor in Northumberland, being attacked by a crow in Singapore "“ and also by the transcendent, almost psychedelic experience of the simple act of running.”

Notably, while Jarvis’ vinyl toys have been getting fatter (ie. Martin X and Yod), Onward features a slimmed down Lance Armstrong yellow “potato-headed stickman.” Jarvis, who is an avid runner, but suffered a stress fracture setback, said that making the video gave him perspective and “re-affirmed the simple pleasure of just running. Being injured, what I miss isn’t the racing but just getting out there and doing it.” The video is directed by Richard Kenworthy with music from Caribou.


Whether you fancy yourself an elite member of the Twitterati or you’d rather just give your friends information on a need to know basis, there’s absolutely no denying the ubiquity of the hottest microblogging technology since someone posted a twitpic of sliced bread. However, many people are already getting bogged down by the thought of crafting lengthy 140 character posts. If only there were some way to tell other people what we’re doing faster. Well now there is … but there isn’t … but there is. Slate V’s mockumentary on a new application called Flutter gives the semi-absurdity of the Twitterverse an appropriate sendup. No matter how addicted you are to constantly renewing your status, you’re sure to get a good laugh out of this absolutely delicious satire.

Playing For Change

Smiles are sure to abound for North American audiences of Playing for Change as the musical extravaganza goes on tour this week. The multimedia, artist-driven effort is working to promote peace and music education through collaboration and live performances of World music. San Franciscans can take in the tunes, including a rather irresistible rendition of “Stand By Me” at Slim‘s today. Other upcoming shows include Seattle’s Showbox and New York’s High Line Ballroom. Should you miss the opportunity to see Grandpa Elliott, Mohammed Alidu, Jason Tamba of Afro Fiesta, and their counterparts performing together live for the first time, the film looks to be a promising second best (after showing at Tribeca, it won best song at the Roxbury Film Festival — no surprise there).

BMW Art Cars

In the mid 70s BMW began asking artists to paint their cars, getting the likes of Andy Warhol, Roy Lichtenstein and Esther Mahlangu to turn racers into artwork. You can take a look at the art cars from 1975 to 1999 here. But now it’s 2009 and just splashing a 7 series with some paint isn’t quite enough. So Robin Rhode got the idea of painting with a car. Using BMW’s new Z4 Roadster he choreographed a run across a giant canvas, while he used remote controls to distribute paint on its tires from a tower 30-feet in the air. I vaguely remember having a similar experience in kindergarten involving my Hot Wheels and a couple of bottles of paint. Also, if you are in New York, head down to Grand Central Terminal's Vanderbilt Hall, (87 East 42nd St.) to check out four of the art cars and the full 30' x 40' canvas of Robin Rhode’s work. The exhibition runs from March 25 through April 6 and is free to the public.

Murakami x Guggenheim Bilbao

Takashi Murakami, the Japanese artist who makes intriguing work out of cartoon mushrooms and whose style we most covet, currently has a retrospective going on at the Guggenheim Museum Bilbao. The best part is SuperTouch is giving us a personal tour of the exhibition narrated by the artist himself. Even if your Japanese AND your Spanish are a little rough, you’ll get a kick out of seeing the evolution of a master’s art. For the full tour, click here.

Via Hypebeast


There’s a lot of musical ability floating around on the Internet, so why not put them together for a little jam session? Enter Kutiman, a YouTube mixmaster who turns brilliant yet unsuspecting artists into bandmates on his website ThruYou. The online remix renegade helps solo players make the smooth, involuntary transition to collaborator by slicing and dicing their videos.

Sickboy Interview Video

Remember way back when we interviewed Sickboy? Well, when I showed up for the interview I was informed that it was part of a little promotional documentary. Not really being dressed for the occasion I’m glad I didn’t end up on video much, but it turned out really good and captures the whole mood of the Sickboy Stay Free show. You may notice that Sickboy’s face is blurred out to hide his identity. It looks like a witness protection video or something, but I know his true identity… muhahahaha.

The video was shot and produced by Charlie Caselton.

Vanilla Ice Apologizes

Is Vanilla Ice trying to make his third (or is it fourth?) comeback? From “Ice Ice Baby” to his brief hardcore rocker image, to appearing on the Surreal Life, Robert Van Winkle has made a career out of, well, pretty much one song. And now on Virgin Mobile’s new campaign, Right Music’s Wrongs, he apologizes for the hairdos, the fashion, and the music that have caused us grief over the years. Other equally-guilty musicians like Milli Vanilli, Michael Bolton, Billy Ray Cyrus, and even David Hasselhoff are not apologizing…yet. Visit the site and decide for yourself if Winkle’s still guilty or if he’s redeemed himself.

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