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Charity Water September 2010


It’s been four years since charity: water started with the crazy idea that everybody on the planet should have clean water to drink. Since then and thanks to everyone who has donated, they’ve helped over 1 million people in 17 countries. Pretty awesome right? This September though they’re going even bigger, and they need our help. If you read this site, you know how much I care about this issue! Go watch the incredible video and get your campaigns started.

Tap'd NY

We all drink bottled water. We don’t want to, we know that it’s bad for the environment, we understand that Poland Springs is neither from Poland nor from springs — but when it’s hot out and we’re running to the train we can’t help ourselves. Sorry. Our liberal guilt is consuming us, and yet we realize that our long national bottled water nightmare isn’t going to be rectified overnight. So, wouldn’t it be better if you could at least buy a water with a smaller carbon footprint? Some may say it’s ludicrous to buy NYC tap water, but you plunk down a dollar at the convenience store when you could use a public water fountain or just cup your hands under the sink. Tapd NY makes no secret they put reverse osmosis treated tap water into a bottle and sell it. But they try to encourage the public to refill and reuse, meeting the bottle-buyers and eco-warriors half way. Hell, even the Hydrators would rather top off your bottle than see you buy another one.

What do you think?


Let’s be straight, buying a bottle of water is much easier than donating some money to a charity of a worthy cause. The people at Project7 hope to bridge the gap by selling you bottled water. The company uses its sales to help tackle what they see as the seven areas of need: Build the Future, Feed the Hungry, Heal the Sick, Help those in Need, Hope for Peace, House the Homeless and Save the Planet. Fair enough, here’s the hook, Project7 sells bottled water with various labels describing one of these problems. By purchasing the bottle with the ‘Hope for Peace’ label the charities associated with peace efforts will receive the money from the sale. Pick your charity and buy your water. Its never been so easy.

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