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Ontour: The Magnificent Five


My friends from Ontour are at it again. In their own words: This year is our fifth anniversary and to celebrate this we’ve chosen the magic number 5 as the underlying theme of our new Autumn/Winter 2010 collection, named ‘The Magnificent Five’ Ontour, that’s just been released. Inspired by the typical English style of Sherlock Holmes and Dr. Watson we look back through a magnifying glass at the 5 magnificent years behind us, and at the same time look ahead at the greater things to come…


AW10-sneak3.jpg AW10-sneak4.jpg Aw10-sneak5.jpg AW10-sneak6.jpg AW10-sneak7.jpg AW10-sneak8.jpg AW10-sneak9.jpg AW10-sneak10.jpg

iPhone’s Pocket Heat


It’s cold in NYC. Like, really cold. This Hand Radiator iPhone App turns your iPhone into a hand warmer. This might be the smartest dumb thing I’ve ever seen. Or is it genius. I can’t decide.

The app puts your iPhone on overdrive, using 100% of its processing power. That, as you probably have noticed with some applications, makes the components to overheat, which in turn can warm up your hands

How bad is that for the battery life? Via Gizmodo

This & That Ontour


Ontour’s latest collection “This & That Ontour” is out now. Very nice, some of my favorite pieces after the jump (and I love these gloves!)…

In their words: “This & That Ontour” AW09 collectionWith our biggest and most detailed collection so far we show the direction Ontour is taking;we’ve grown up and combine sophisticated pieces, subtle details with our bold graphics and eye-catching garments.Our designs are soft and loud, round and square, they zoom in and out and combine the past and the present.Opposites attract…enjoy our This & That Autumn / Winter 09 collection.


Outdoor Research Fall/Winter Hats

Despite being summer, the weather around here has been highly unpredictable. We are mostly blessed with beautiful days, but early in the morning and after the sun has dropped below the horizon, the air can get a bit crisp. I think the best way to keep warm without feeling stuffy or sweaty is to focus on the extremities and head. I am a fan of the beanie, but recently I saw Outdoor Research‘s new line of warm headgear and I think I may need to add a few to my wardrobe. The Yukon cap, with it’s textured wool exterior and button ear flaps, really caught my eye. However, the one that I think really stands out is the Odd Job hat (pictured). Besides scoring points for the Bond reference, the brimmed hat comes with a bottle opener attached. Come to think of it, drinking beers is another great way to keep warm! Click here to check out their entire line.

Ardica PDA Warmers

The term “bone-chillingly cold” is one that strikes fear into the hearts of most men and women. People would rather enjoy some hot cocoa in the ski lodge over Duluth in the winter. Ardica has responded to the call by inventing the first personal heat and power platform, guaranteed to keep you or your backpack warm and charge all of your electronic goodies at the same time. While you’re out responding to the call of the wintry wild, this lightweight portable power and heat pack keeps you toasty for up to nine hours on low heat and three on high. It’s also capable of carrying out 11 cell phone charges, 20 iPod charges, and can even keep your GPS or PDA running. But be wary, these babies don’t attach to just any old winter jacket, brands such as Mountain Hardware, Sitka, and several others are producing a few special coats that these babies can clip to. If keeping warm is your concern this winter, Ardica has got you covered..

New Nau

During the colder months some people take the term “active wear” to mean clothing that you can actively wear while passively keeping warm inside on your couch. Alas, you can be just as active in the autumn as you were in the summer, but you probably just have to wear more layers. Well, that should be no problem now that eco-friendly active wear brand Nau is relaunching with a spanking new website tomorrow, October 21st. You’ll be able hit up their online shop ensuring your ability to suit up for chillier days. Their FA 08 line becomes available to the masses on that very same day and features an impressive array of products from cashmere-angorra dresses to technically-sound ski jackets and pants. And for the first time ever, their products will be available in retail stores such as Paragon Sports in New York, Dan’s in Chicago, and Lizard Lounge in Portland, Oregon. As always, Nau will continue to give proceeds from their sales to organizations working for positive change. Sounds like a win-win situation.

Von Zipper Snow Muffs

I've never been a huge fan of those earbud headphones that stick right in your auditory canal and wrap around your cochlea. They go a long way towards speeding up your imminent loss of hearing long before you're old enough to be senile and they don't even keep your lobes warm. However, with Von Zipper's Snow Muffs Head Phones you can keep on rockin' in the freezing world while your auditory instruments remain snug as a bug in a rug. These fuzzy sound systems fit on just about any pair of ski goggles, so you can hit the slopes and slalom to the smoothest sounds around.

Via Gizmodo

Tom Judd for Burton

Although this is old news to Spear Collective comrade Tom Judd, who did the illustration work for this Burton collab nearly two years ago in the Summer of ’06, and was subsequently sworn to secrecy, it’s new news to us. This 2008 Burton GTwin deck has ‘Tom Judd’ written all over it, although the top sheet was censored a bit to — I’m guessing — scale down the loudness to comport with traditional Burton style. At any rate, whenever Mr. Judd fancies splattering his ideas on a canvas — no matter what type of canvas — we like it. This deck is ladies-specific, so rejoice Tom Judd groupie-snowboarder-chicks!

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