Whelp, it’s the time of year when we all seem to be thinking the same thought… How the hell is it almost December twenty-&%@#$%!-fifth?

We’re thinking that just because it’s the season for sharing and all — and just in case someone put off their shopping until the last second possible — that it could be pretty interesting to hear what some of you will be sneaking under the tree tree this year. Did you carve a bust out of a huge chunk of fruitcake? Is his/her face going to look like the last five seconds of a DeBeers commercial? Were you already blessed with the worst present ever? Whether it’s sweet, funny, or totally effed up (Yes, I am cussing a lot today — I’m not done wrapping — I’m stressed out), we want to hear about it, so let ‘er rip – and then keep the person you’re giving the gift to completely away from JoshSpear.com. Our lips are sealed!