The Moog Guitar: Paul Vo Collector Edition

Posted on June 18, 2008 Under Music

The other day, a guitar fanatic friend of mine – who incidentally also handcrafts guitars for an impressive list of virtuosos you’d all know – burst into the room looking like a kid fresh off of his first roller coaster ride, and began spouting off about this new Paul Vo designed Moog Guitar. When I was able to to calm him down enough so that he could speak sufficiently clear for me to understand what he was saying, he began explaining to me why the release of this guitar is such a big deal. See, the ‘guitar’ as we all know it employs technology that is older than most of our parents– over the years, Bob Moog has breathed freshness into the instrument by way of his synthesizers and effects; those changed the way modern guitarists approached the instrument because they broadened musical possibilities.

This guitar is – as I understand it – a landmark addition to the guitar family because it (on its own) vastly widens the range of sonic options through its ‘infinite sustain’ and muting capabilities. Plus, it goes for $6,500, so it must be an ass-kicker, right? Any feedback from our guitar heroes out there?

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