First of all: we are not trying to keep you indoors over the weekend. However, what we are talking about is a design contest Spreadshirt is running in hopes of finding a new company logo, and since I know logo design is right up many of our readers alley, I thought I’d share. We’re also talking about a MacBook Pro, an interview in Computer Arts magazine, an interview on Computerlove, and $3,000 dollars — and since I know that is right up everyone’s alley, I thought I’d share it on a Friday. Sorry.

I don’t really understand why Spreadshirt is putting forth such a grand effort to find this logo, but any contest that includes a la Fraise community prize (meaning people that don’t even enter can win something), and over $15,000 of prizes — on top of all the goodies that will go to the first-place winner — sort of piques my interest. This is big people; bigger than a weekend, even. Full details here.