Threadless Goes Bricks & Mortar

Posted on September 13, 2007 Under Fashion

So what happens when you take a seven-year-old, extremely successful online business and move it into reality? Well, the phrase “sink or swim” comes to mind, but only time will tell for the chaps over at Threadless. That’s right, the guys who have spent the last seven years supplying a never-ending chain of ironic t-shirts to the creative class are opening their first retail space in their hometown of Chicago. Part store, and part gallery, the Threadless store was designed to give maximum exposure to t-shirts as an art medium and to allow Threadless designers a moment to shine as artists.

The store will feature new tees every week as well as weekly window paintings by some of their artists. And, it gets better; if you’re in Chicago, swing by the Threadless grand opening party tomorrow evening, followed by an after party. Each features a select line-up of bands playing. The only catch is that you’ll have to make a stop at the store sometime today or tomorrow to pick up your free tickets.