Tinho Jugs

Posted on March 13, 2008 Under Art

We’re psyched to be the very first to show you these special-edition glass jugs by highly lauded Sao Paulo street artist and Baglione Criacoes team member Tinho. He’s graced a limited number of them with some pretty ballsy social and political statements. On one side of them, Tinho’s drawn a picture of a disenchanted-looking girl, but with upcoming change reflected through blowing hair as to say that Brazilians have the unique power to continually keep their hopes up despite what it may appear on the outside. Another picture showing a family waiting atop their house should be read as Brazilians counting down days on end for the government to enact change instead of being the catalyst of change themselves.

Criticism can come in all forms, and at the very least, these glass jugs will break the ice at a party and spark a discussion about Brazil and its residents as Tinho intends. They’ll be hitting Zona D and Benedixt soon in Sao Paulo, but no work on the exact date yet.