Toyo Microbit Tires: These Are Nutty!

Posted on February 27, 2007 Under Life

When I went back to my ‘Siberian’ hometown recently, the new rave were these Toyo Microbit Tires. People who live in the Colorado Rockies drive on snow and ice during the majority of the year, so they don’t skimp when it comes to their winter tires. I thought to myself, what could get better than the Blizzaks or Nokians? Well, I guess the technology speaks for itself… The Microbit Tires have countless Walnut Shells embedded in their tread. Have you ever felt how sharp a walnut shell is? I found out the hard way one holiday season when I was trying to crack one old-fashion style with a nutcracker and I slipped and cut myself. Come to find out, walnut shells are one of the world’s hardest substances. Combine that with Toyo’s ‘traction sipe’ technology (which turns your tread into little grippy squeegees) and you have some quiet and adept winter tires. They’ve applied the Microbit technology to touring, SUV, and luxury car tires, so there’s a little nut for everyone out there.