Posted on October 13, 2006 Under Life

TrailerwrapWhile it is not statistically likely that you — a loyal reader — live in a trailer, these abodes serve an important role in our society. With ever-increasing wage and wealth disparities in our economy, many American families look to the mass-produced mobile home as an affordable and convenient place to live. Unfortunately, a trailer park stigma exists due to the consensus that these things are horrendous looking and could be blown over in a second by the ‘big bad wolf.’ Thanks to Trailer Wrap — a project initiated by the University of Colorado at Boulder College of Architecture and Planning — the trailer park stigma may begin to subside. The idea behind Trailer Wrap is to provide simple and affordable solutions to improve the condition of mobile home–addressing lack of comfort, inefficiency, and poor aesthetics. Trailer Wrap comes in the form of a simple, affordable kit that can be assembled easily by just a few people. Thanks to hard work by students, dedicated faculty, and help from a wealth of sponsors, Trailer Wrap continues to build steam to become a widely implemented concept. Thanks to Boulder-based architect and buddy Brian Nelson for a heads up on this one.