Triko: Holiday '07

Posted on November 9, 2007 Under Fashion

Good news for Triko fans: The Fall 2007 collection is now up for grabs at their online store. The bottoms are good, the tops are better, and the hoodies – which by some act of God, have remained, for the most part, blessedly untouched by current industry trends- are classically Hector Estrada, designed with soulful creativity, not hype, in mind. Overall, Fall 2007 makes another bangin’ success of a season for Triko, and will soon be followed by next months Holiday 2007. If you’re desperate for a look-ahead, a video of the holiday shoot, shot in Brooklyn by the illustrious Fubz of Beautiful/Decay, can be found here — but those in search of a quicker fix can just cast their gaze upon this crispy trench coat. I’m thinking, yummy.