Posted on July 15, 2008 Under Music

Obsessive compulsives unite! If the thought of unmatched cover art and track naming in your iTunes keeps you up at night (“N.E.R.D"¦ Nerd"¦. NERD. Stop the madness!”) then help is on the way.

TuneUp is a new iTunes plugin that digs into your library, references it against the more than 90 million tracks in the heaven-sent Gracenote Database, and then fills in correct song titles, album names, artist names, and more. Even better, it also accesses Amazon and Google to pick up the matching album art — an absolute must for anyone addicted to Coverflow. Once your iTunes is running like a well-organized machine, TuneUp goes one step further and scans the web for info about your fave musicians: tour dates, new YouTube videos, and collectibles and other die hard fan-swag on eBay and other retail sites.

The only drawback is that right now only a Windows version is available (maybe a little odd considering the plugin is designed for a program and device created by Apple), but a Mac-compatible version is scheduled for release this fall. So until then, for all the Macaholics it's more long nights searching Google Images for that perfect high-res image of "Licensed to Ill". Damn.