Twitter Backlash

Posted on March 4, 2009 Under Life

Hoards of people are currently using Twitter to say nothing, so it isn’t surprising there are more than a few who are anti-tweet. One of my favorite visual Twitter kiss-offs comes from Josh Holland via JoyEngine. Josh “cannot wait until Twitter goes the way of the slap bracelet and they’re talking about it on VH1’s I Love the 2000s.” (I’d say, “oh snap!” if I didn’t think that would get me on VH1 too.) If you share the sentiment, you can download the graphic above. Meanwhile Cypher13, aka the JoyEngine crew, set up an experimental micro-site for their own micro-blogging (in macro-font). But, there are some good uses for the technology. Like Shaq.

Editors Note: I don’t dislike twitter"“ in fact, I find it to be quite a powerful tool. You just need to fine tune it to hear the signal, not the noise. And I definitely don’t think it will go the way of the slap bracelet, we just thought it was a funny post. From time to time we like to open up a bit of a debate here, jump in and enjoy.