U-Boat Left Hook Watch

Posted on January 3, 2006 Under Fashion

I’ve been drooling over the U-Boat Watches for some time, but I only saw them with a crazy markup at Barneys. After a bunch of research I found a site with not only the best prices on the entire line, but also an incredible resource for all european watch enthusiasts. WatchUseek.com is a site run by a real enthusiast. It has a shop with a handful of hard to find European brands, and a great interactive forum to ask questions in, etc. The U-Boat line is unusual, it was a design from the early 1940’s that never was produced due to the political situation in Italy at the time. In 2000 all the original plans, samples, and drawings were recovered and the watch line was finally created. I picked up the Left Hook 45 with a black face. All the watches are individually numbered and come with an additional band– and yes, they’re just as big as they look!