Uniqlo Concept T-Shirt Store

Posted on April 18, 2007 Under Fashion

On April 28th, Uniqlo’s new and highly anticipated Concept T-Shirt Store in Harajuku will finally open its doors. From what I can tell so far, the shopping experience at Uniqlo, where 5000 square feet (and four stories) of shelves hold shirts packaged in little see-though canisters, seems a little unreal, as does the vending-machine style method of distribution, and I’m desperate to get the full run-down of what it’s like to actually be in this place. A Terry Richardson photography exhibit and plenty of limited edition, all-star designer designed tees will headline the Concept Store’s first days, then artists and designers from all walks of life will continue to keep it stocked with hundreds of individualized shirts. If any of you happen to make it over there for the opening or otherwise, pleeease let us know all about it– pictures would be awesome, too!