Uniqlo Grid Playground

Posted on November 21, 2007 Under Design

Since launching their flagship store here in NYC — their only US outlet, according to their site — Uniqlo has taken the US market by storm. Their simple clothes and funky Japanese design sensibilities have completely ingrained themselves in our psyche. Take a peek at their website and see for yourself if you need further convincing on the Uniqlo experience.

Case in point is their new grid playground. It allows users from around the world to interact on the same grid of Uniqlo logos, creating a mosaic similar to those used on store shopping bags and in the original brand campaign the predated the store launch. Every time someone around the world move a piece on the grid, the change is accompanied by a sound effect. The cacophony of sounds makes you realize just how many people are playing on the grid at once; go have fun and see for yourself.