Universe: Jonathan Harris

Posted on March 13, 2007 Under Design

One of my favorite talks last week was by Jonathan Harris, an artist, designer, and borderline genius living in Brooklyn, NY. We saw the potential of his work a while back with project We Feel Fine and I guess it was only a matter of time before he really took it up a notch. His latest project just launched is called Universe. In his TED talk he spoke about how he loved spotting the constellations as a kid but always wondered why we don’t have modern versions? “As humans, we have a long history of projecting our great stories into the night sky. This leads us to wonder: if we were to make new constellations today, what would they be?” Explaining Universe isn’t easy, it’s divided into nine stages: Stars, Shapes, Secrets, Stories, Statements, Snapshots, Superstars, Settings, and Time. I implore you to visit and play with Universe— it’s a new way to view how connected we are in people, news and events around the world. This project is a true push forward into the realm of information discovery and I applaud Jonathan on his work– just breath taking.