Wants For Sale

Posted on July 30, 2007 Under Art

Wants For Sale is NYC Garbage, viral-trash-selling genius (and friend) Justin Gignac’s newest project. Everybody wants something, and Justin and his girlfriend Christine are no exception. Armed with a handful of canvases, paints, and some pretty damn-good illustration skill, they went to town painting portraits of all the things (mostly material) they wanted. Each painting represents one thing they want — and costs the exact price of the real item. So the iPhone painting costs $649.17, One Month’s Rent comes in at $1056.06, and Another Guitar for GH2 comes in at $64.98 — one of my favorites. Others include a New Bikini for Christine, Abs (gym membership) and naturally, Financial Security for one million, natch. When someone does purchase the painting, its copy shifts from “want” to “have.” Also, if there is something you want, Justin and Christine will paint it for you — unless it has anything to do with the Yankees (they’re touchy). Great concept, guys!