Waste Not, Want Not

Posted on July 24, 2007 Under Design

Peter D’Alessandro’s Waste and Want cutting board has little detachable trays on its ends, one tray for waste and the other for the good bits you want in your food. Everybody can identify with the frustrations of regular cutting boards; they’re too small for you to cut up all the ingredients at once so you have to do a lot of ingredient transfer. When those transfers take place, things tend to fall on the ground and you almost certainly get your hands dirty. The Waste and Want board pretty much eliminates those difficulties by providing non-messy, spill-proof containers in which to carry your culinary cargo either to the bin or the pot. Actually, it looks like Mr. D’Alessandro has made something of a career out of finding clever ways to do commonplace kitchen tasks — check out his website to see his other gadgets, including a spoon, which boils its own water.