Still looking for that perfect gift for the guy who has everything — and I do mean everything? Well, if he’s a scotch or whiskey drinker, here’s the answers. As most fine whiskey fanatics will tell you, it’s almost sacrilegious to water down your scotch with “regular” ice cubes. In fact, so much so that companies are storming the market with products that solve just this…problem.

The first I noticed was IceRocks. IceRocks are premium “spring water ice cubes”. These guys are willing to go so far as to let you water down your fine whiskey, but only with Evian-style ice. Anything less would be unconscionable.

The next two solutions to watered down whiskey are a bit less forgiving in their approach: fine whiskey should NOT be watered down. So in the interest of keeping your spirits strong (bad pun, sorry), have a look at the Ice Stones from Teroforma, a brand I’ve been working with lately, and a similar solution from Sippin’ on the Rocks, making an appearance on Thrillist today. Both offer a more natural and reusable solution to this quandary: rocks. Put rocks in your freezer and then in your drink, and they do the job of ice without diluting your whiskey.

And if your man who has everything doesn’t have fine whiskey, maybe you should add that to the list as well. Anyone care to recommend a favorite?