Antarctica is no place for babies. However, thanks to White Desert, an eco-tourism company ran by outdoor enthusiasts, it is now a place for luxury travelers in seek of some frosty fun. Somewhat frosty, anyway; the luxury camp, located near the “unexplored mountains of Dronning Maud Land” and perched on a 150-foot ice-cliff, spoils adventurers with solar-powered heating, cuisine by an award-winning chef, and care from ultra-experienced guides. The cozy camp serves as homebase after traveler’s chosen adventures, which can be as mellow as a stroll with the penguins or an igloo sleepover, and as adrenaline-soaked as kite-skiing into the “amazing loneliness of the polar plateau.” White Desert is offering four 10-day trips this season, running through the end of this month through the beginning of February (and making Christmas sound terribly dull in comparison). Find full dates and details here.