We figured the boys at Saint Augustine Academy would want some rockstar stuff to match their party pants, and Alvin and Adrian didn’t disappoint. Cars, world travel, and a little bit of supercalifragilisticexpialidociousness compose the wishlist of two of our favorite fashionistos.

Alvin: A vintage, wood-set record player
A ’67 T-bird convertible/’67 Mustang Fastback
(in mustard yellow)
A ticket to V Festival to see Jesus and Mary Chain.

Adrian: A new Blackberry, because mine got stolen! (Carmel says: Karma’s gonna get you, you dirty pirate.)
A trip to New York (
Heather says: Oooh, do it! I need more fellow Aussies to get into trouble with.)
Mary Poppins
on DVD, so I can listen to my favourite song over and over.