Win In China

Posted on May 21, 2009 Under Art

Capitalism was long seen as a dirty word in the far eastern reaches of the globe, but in lieu of their own Market revolution China serves as a beacon of commerce and industry the world over where new heroes are emerging in the form of entrepreneurs. One such avenue for the country’s burgeoning business minds to get their big break is via the world’s largest, most lucrative business plan competition otherwise known as CCTV’s Chinese game show, Ying Zai Zhong Guo. Win In China, a documentary produced by Ole Schell and Robert Compton, takes an in depth look at the show’s contestants plucked from an eager crowd of 120,000 impresarios to vie for over $5 Million in investment capital. The film also takes an in depth look at the industrial transformation of the world’s most populous nation as it occurred over the past 30 years, as well as it’s cultural impact. If all of this sounds as enthralling to you as it does to us, we suggest grabbing your tickets for the film’s world premiere taking place June 2nd at New York’s Asia Society. The screening will be preceded by a short talk between Orville Schell, Director of the Center on US-China Relations, and the film’s producers.