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iPad: Digital Magazine Motion Cover, etc

Check out this sample of an interactive feature spread for the iPad.  It’s seriously going to be game time for motion graphics designers!  So exciting– behind the scenes here.

Together with co-directors Cory Strassburger and Ming Hsiung, we [Alexx Henry] produced a motion magazine cover and feature spread for Viv Mag – an all digital magazine, which would allow us to create content that will be able to live on the iPad and other tablet devices where digital magazines can live.

Tristan Eaton iPhone App


For the past year, the urban vinyl community has relied on Face Your Manga for all our avatar needs. But now one of our own has stepped up with an app that renders our likenesses in Kidrobocolor. That would be the awesome Tristan Eaton, whose Thunderdog Studios just released the B-BOT app for iPhone. B-BOT is the closest you will ever get your mug to a Munny. You can create your own B-BOT and also customize your contacts. When you receive a call from them, their B-BOTs will show up on the caller ID (and vice versa).

B-BOT was conceived by Tristan Eaton and Peter Cortez while working together on the 2008 Barack Obama Campaign. It was developed by Greg Elliott, the creator of SynchStep.

Last Cannon

lc_screenshot4.png lc_screenshot5.png

It is almost a euphoric moment, a private instance when you let a faint smile appear on your face that nobody else notices. I had one of these moments when I played Last Cannon for the iPhone. It’s rare that a game, especially for the Apple mobile platform, has all the key elements that make up a perfect experience – gameplay, artwork/graphics, music, controls. This hits on all points flawlessly. The story, told through journal entries, is of an post-apocalyptic world. You are the last of your kind after the knurlings rained down and destroyed your world. 

The developer counts Geometry Wars, Dr. Mario and Ikaruga among his inspirations and I can definitely see elements of each in the game. Last Cannon is available now in the iTunes store for just $0.99. Version 1.1 promises to bring online leaderboards which will definitely add another layer to the gameplay.  

As a bonus for the readers of, the creator has given us four download codes to give away. Just leave a comment below on what elements you look for in a good game and we’ll choose four of you at random.

Drum Meister iPhone App

Owning an iPhone isn’t exactly a sign that you march to the beat of a different drummer, but the apps you choose certainly can go a long way towards showing that you slide through life at your own tempo. The new Drum Meister app by Seung yi Lee can help illustrate that tempo, as a realistic drum kit application that allows you to recreate whatever rhythmic pace you feel suits you. Users are provided with an impressive interface where they can arrange their own set and bang the skins to their hearts content and even record and playback their fine percussive work. So whether you’re slamming the cymbals on a solo or slapping around some snare action you’ll never be at a loss to prove that you indeed have got the beat. Drum circles just got a drastic makeover.

Okimok's iPhone App

okimokApp1.jpgWith the immense popularity of photo sharing sites such as Flickr and Shutterfly, some might be inclined to say that they need another image sharing URL like they need a hole in their head. Well, once they’re introduced to the new iPhone-centric picture sharing application from, they might want to rethink that stance. This fresh spot for photo exchange allows users to instantly display their current state of being as captured on their pet electronic device and stream it to their friends via a superdeluxe slideshow. So whether you’re across the street or across the sea, you can remain visually apprised of the stunning picturesque whereabouts of your many significant others.

Parra Plays iPhone App

We’ve blogged about Parra almost as many times as he’s created products for Apple. Now that he’s released his own iPhone app, we can declare our love official. It comes as the latest piece for Incase products curated by Arkitip. The application includes some very basic games like memory, follow the leader and Simon, all sprinkled with Parra’s lightning and clouds design. It seems like great fun for kids, but really attractive for adults. And Parra’s app is free (no ads or pop ups), so no complaining. Here’s a link to the iTunes store. Now go and teach your children about good design.

Foof Mac Cases

It’s a story that runs on repeat: Apple releases a new product and you buy it, then you drop it, spill orange juice on it, keys scratch it and then think why didn’t I get a case? The cases at the Apple store tend to be fairly lame, so we feel that is our responsibility to point you to Foof. Food makes sleeves for your Apple gear, laptops, iPods and iPhones (even the brand new stuff). The fabric sleeves use a range of unique materials that puts you one up the thousands of Macs at your local coffee shop. The sleeves range from $21 to $27 which is a total steal and you will only thank us for it when your laptop doesn’t get ruined. Check out their gorgeous designs and protect that hardware.

Brian Eno x Bloom

We normally leave covering iPhone apps, or the iPhone for that matter, to our friends at Gizmodo. But they’ve pointed out something worth noting here. The application Bloom is simple colors and sounds that are activated by, you guessed it, touch. The notable thing is that it was programed by Brian Eno (who created the Windows 95 start up sound, among some other work) and Peter Chilvers. So even if you don’t have a musical bone in your body the “composition” you create will still sound peaceful and euphoric. The app is $3.99 in the iTunes application store.

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