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Drum Meister iPhone App

Owning an iPhone isn’t exactly a sign that you march to the beat of a different drummer, but the apps you choose certainly can go a long way towards showing that you slide through life at your own tempo. The new Drum Meister app by Seung yi Lee can help illustrate that tempo, as a realistic drum kit application that allows you to recreate whatever rhythmic pace you feel suits you. Users are provided with an impressive interface where they can arrange their own set and bang the skins to their hearts content and even record and playback their fine percussive work. So whether you’re slamming the cymbals on a solo or slapping around some snare action you’ll never be at a loss to prove that you indeed have got the beat. Drum circles just got a drastic makeover.

Okimok's iPhone App

okimokApp1.jpgWith the immense popularity of photo sharing sites such as Flickr and Shutterfly, some might be inclined to say that they need another image sharing URL like they need a hole in their head. Well, once they’re introduced to the new iPhone-centric picture sharing application from, they might want to rethink that stance. This fresh spot for photo exchange allows users to instantly display their current state of being as captured on their pet electronic device and stream it to their friends via a superdeluxe slideshow. So whether you’re across the street or across the sea, you can remain visually apprised of the stunning picturesque whereabouts of your many significant others.

iPhone Game: Gowalla


If a vintage suitcase featuring city stickers, a scavenger hunt, and an iPhone 3G were combined, the result would be location-based travel game Gowalla. The recently launched game from Texas-based “digital collectibles” company AlamoFire invites users to collect virtual stamps at the places they visit, hide icons for friends to find, and earn pins of glory, the granddaddy of Gowalla achievements awarded for completed trips. Austintonians and San Franciscans are currently the only app purchasers who can participate in the full experience, but other cities nationwide are being added and partially guided by the recommendations of user-added hot spots. Who doesn’t want to be rewarded for visiting extraordinary and everyday places with phone in hand?

Bad Decision Blocker

Google’s “unsend” setting has already saved thousands of savvy net-izens from mistaken late night e-mails. The new iPhone Bad Decision Blocker application goes one step further, by blocking specific contacts at preset times. So the next time you want to declare you love for your boss with a liquored up 4 a.m. ring, the iPhone will stop you. Now you can focus on other important things — like sending that person a Facebook message.

Via Swissmiss

Unlike Travel Guide

Unlike — the top notch city guide website — has just released a killer iPhone app full of food, art, fashion, events and urban culture, as well as some other very useful features. Using the iPhone’s GPS, Unlike can pull up a map of attractions, making you an instant expert. Plan a tour, save all your info, and then go walk the city. Most of the locations are international, which usually means roaming charges or finding a wifi spot. But the Unlike app downloads all the necessary info, so no need for an Internet connection. Individual city guides include: Amsterdam, Barcelona, Berlin, Copenhagen and London (more cities coming soon). They’re $4.99 each, or you can the buy the whole enchilada in one app for $19.99. [iTunes Link]

Parra Plays iPhone App

We’ve blogged about Parra almost as many times as he’s created products for Apple. Now that he’s released his own iPhone app, we can declare our love official. It comes as the latest piece for Incase products curated by Arkitip. The application includes some very basic games like memory, follow the leader and Simon, all sprinkled with Parra’s lightning and clouds design. It seems like great fun for kids, but really attractive for adults. And Parra’s app is free (no ads or pop ups), so no complaining. Here’s a link to the iTunes store. Now go and teach your children about good design.

Pin Up Weather

Unless you’re out there chasing tornados, braving hurricanes, or watching your garage get pelted with golfball sized pieces of hail, weather is pretty boring. Pin Up Weather is trying to change that for iPhone users. They’ve got the concept down — the $2 application teases users with videos of an attractive woman and then delivers the forecast. But if they want to us to consider their photos pinup, they have to work harder. We recommend checking out Olivia and Vargas for direction.

TapeDeck App

If you’re at least in your twenties, you had a relationship with cassette tapes. You remember your first mixtape, the easily breakable cases, and that pitch bend when the thing was just too damn old. The TapeDeck application for Mac OS X Leopard brings those days back without the hassle of hardware. The virtual tape recorder allows you to record and label tapes, lay down crazy effects, and store and share your tape collection, all with the visual appeal of an old deck and as many cassettes as you can fill. Check it out at

Please Fix the iPhone

When you first purchased your brand new iPhone you probably thought you were getting the most malfunction-free electronic device since Benjamin Franklin invented the digital watch (or something). What you’ve most likely since discovered is that the Apple gods are indeed fallible and that no product is without its glitches. In an attempt to solve the shortcomings of your superphone, Fullsix NY has launched Please Fix the iPhone, a site dedicated to improving the functionality of your iPhone and alerting Apple to the specific defects infecting your phone of the future. The site allows owners to vote on which issues plaguing their jack of all electronics are the most pressing, so that Steve Jobs and the rest of the nerds can retire to their nerditorium and finally get your favorite gadget working properly. There’s even a version of the site specifically for your iPhone so you can make suggestions as you encounter them.

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