Hoet: Mirror, Mirror

Posted on April 11, 2008 Under Design 0 Comments

Oftentimes, I will stand in front of the bathroom mirror and utter the magic words Mirror, Mirror on the wall, what would it look like if someone were to make a mosaic of me? I don't normally get a response,…

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Posted on March 26, 2008 Under Design 1 Comment

Always on a quest to save space in the 50 sq ft we call a living room, furniture that fits into other furniture seems like an inspired idea. Well, an inspired idea that doesn't involve beanbag chairs. Brussels-born Marina Bautier…

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Smånsk: Skew Bookcase

Posted on March 24, 2008 Under Design 2 Comments

As a child, building Lego cities seemed like a creative way to while away the years of toddler-dom, provided one wasn't swallowing the pieces whole and being sent to the emergency room. However, nothing we ever made really proved to…

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Wave of Innovation

Posted on March 13, 2008 Under Design 0 Comments

When most people think of cabinets and shelves, they often envision perfect right angles nestled up against a flat wall or surface. However, there's only so much you can do with ninety degrees"¦and that only so much usually results in…

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Friends With You: Wish Come True

Posted on March 3, 2008 Under Design 1 Comment

Our friends at Friends With You are being super productive lately. Their "Tickle Party" made us giggle a few weeks ago, and now they're getting ready to launch a new line of toys at the end of the month called…

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Processes: A Living Painting

Posted on February 27, 2008 Under Art 0 Comments

There are plenty of ways to turn a work of architecture into a canvas. You can illegally spray paint your tag on the Arc De Triomphe or draw a mural on Big Ben, but none of those are recommended because…

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Studio Mango

The modern design aesthetic has influenced a lot of everyday objects: furniture, lighting...nursing beds. Two years ago Paul Hendrikx and Frank Hanssen, the Dutch designers over at Studio Mango (Mixed Art and eNGineering...O), took on a project for Schell Industries…

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One look at the WHITEvoid homepage and you can understand why it was FWA's site of the day this past Friday. The Berlin-based interactive art and design firm gives you the total package in a matter of speaking; they only…

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Lord Of The Rings Symphony

The Munich Symphony Orchestra, conducted by Ludwig Wicki will be bringing the award winning score to Lord of The Rings into the concert hall in a few months for a handful of lucky folks. Howard Shore's amazing score will be…

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+41: Hubble 242 Serie: Starry-Eyed Surprise

We just can't get enough of Swiss based designers +41. Every time they come out with a sweet new design we get stars in our eyes and feel compelled to sing their praises. Their latest creation gives us a double…

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