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Hoet: Mirror, Mirror

Oftentimes, I will stand in front of the bathroom mirror and utter the magic words Mirror, Mirror on the wall, what would it look like if someone were to make a mosaic of me? I don’t normally get a response, but thankfully that age old question is being answered. And it can be answered for you too…provided you’ve ever wondered that aloud to your mirror. While nobody’s invented the talking mirror (or maybe they have) the innovative designers at Hoet have creative not one, two stunning artistic alternatives to the plain ‘ol mirror. Their Mosaic and Carpet mirror designs surrounded by a black minimalist frame don’t necessarily distort the reality they are reflecting, but rather turn it into a attractive visual enhancement of what one sees while gazing into it’s midst. We recommend snagging your mirror of choice at Hoet’s online shop. We guarantee you’ll never look at your surroundings the same again.


Always on a quest to save space in the 50 sq ft we call a living room, furniture that fits into other furniture seems like an inspired idea. Well, an inspired idea that doesn’t involve beanbag chairs. Brussels-born Marina Bautier designed this chair / ottoman for her collection, lamaisondemarina. The ottoman part slides right under the chair like an Amish Transformer, giving you a both a place to sit and rest your feet.

Smånsk: Skew Bookcase

As a child, building Lego cities seemed like a creative way to while away the years of toddler-dom, provided one wasn't swallowing the pieces whole and being sent to the emergency room. However, nothing we ever made really proved to be useful and in the end our mothers discarded all of our creative tools along with the G.I. Joe's and Millenium Falcon once adolescence hit. While we certainly outgrew our Legos, not all kids grow tired of their toys. Take the design team at SmÃ¥nsk, for example. The Sweden based designers were inspired by the building blocks of childhood. A big hit at the recent Stockholm Furniture Fair, their prototype for Skew Bookcase features magnified identical Lego pieces that stack up and interlock one top of one another to create a colorful and original concept for the place you keep your favorite novels and you old lego instruction manuals. While they've yet to find a manufacturer for their playful block-by-block bookshelf, we wouldn't be surprised if IKEA came a callin'. Here’s hoping someone does.

Wave of Innovation

When most people think of cabinets and shelves, they often envision perfect right angles nestled up against a flat wall or surface. However, there's only so much you can do with ninety degrees"¦and that only so much usually results in things resembling a bunch of boxes. German design company KnellDesign is out to prove that when it comes to storage and shelving that it's better when it's not boxy. Their patented Wave 8:5 furniture system makes quite an argument for realizing the effectiveness of ‘curved and flowing forms.’ The system which resembles a relatively tranquil ocean surface rendered vertically, employs the use of hidden screws that when removed allows for the user to more simply and effectively manipulate the size of their unit, while not resembling a boring wall of boxes. Talk about a wave of innovation.

Via DesignSpotter

Friends With You: Wish Come True

Our friends at Friends With You are being super productive lately. Their “Tickle Party” made us giggle a few weeks ago, and now they’re getting ready to launch a new line of toys at the end of the month called Wish Come True only in Europe (gosh darn it) and through renowned art book publisher Die Gestalten. The gimmick behind this collection of nine handheld playthings is that they all come with heavy, rounded bottoms and bell chimes, which means you just might be forced to give up your new toy to your 3-year-old nephew "” in fact, it’s supposed to be safe for kids older than 18 months "” when he comes to visit. I love each character’s simple but sweet design, but in general, I love anything that encourages you to be a kid again. Friends With You are taking designer toys back to their original roots and it’s quite a commendable effort.

Processes: A Living Painting

There are plenty of ways to turn a work of architecture into a canvas. You can illegally spray paint your tag on the Arc De Triomphe or draw a mural on Big Ben, but none of those are recommended because they're undoubtedly illegal. We recommend going the route of video artist Robert Seidel, who was commissioned to turn the Phylectic Museum in Jena, Germany into an architectural canvas for the museum's 100th Anniversary in early February as well as for the “Jena Illuminated” event, which served as part of the opening ceremony for "Science City 2008.” The resulting work was titled Processes: A Living Painting. The project consisted of 35 by 16 meter full façade projection that employed three projectors and consisted of five “living paintings” with corresponding light choreography, ambient music and synced sound effects. The display aided in “breathing life into the museum on that one and only winter night. Its multi-layered complexity freed the audience of around 20,000 to create their personal narrative flow and filled the museums square with a dense cloud of spellbound whisper.' All we can say is whoa.

Studio Mango

The modern design aesthetic has influenced a lot of everyday objects: furniture, lighting…nursing beds. Two years ago Paul Hendrikx and Frank Hanssen, the Dutch designers over at Studio Mango (Mixed Art and eNGineering…O), took on a project for Schell Industries and created an ergonomic rolling bed for nursing homes in Belgium and the Netherlands. We don’t suspect anyone reading this will need one in the near future, but you should note some of the other designs from their studio: a retro-inspired bicycle, super-slim bathroom scale, and an electric vehicle recharging station premiering in Rotterdam. What may be the coolest filling station ever, the NGR spot looks like a giant USB hub with a photovoltaic disk on the top to charge your battery in under an hour.


One look at the WHITEvoid homepage and you can understand why it was FWA's site of the day this past Friday. The Berlin-based interactive art and design firm gives you the total package in a matter of speaking; they only ask that you click to open that package before a veritable Pandora's box featuring their top-notch creative work is unleashed. The outstanding interactive installations and products the company has created for exhibitions, trade, festivals, events, concerts, and clubs are offered up on visually stunning platter and arranged neatly into seven categories and twenty items overall, that seem to just be floating in what else but a white void. Their creative genius is no secret as WHITEvoid counts both The BMW Group and The Jewish Museum of Berlin among their wide range of past clients. Maybe it's time you entered the White Void and discovered a new dimension of creativity for yourself.

Lord Of The Rings Symphony

The Munich Symphony Orchestra, conducted by Ludwig Wicki will be bringing the award winning score to Lord of The Rings into the concert hall in a few months for a handful of lucky folks. Howard Shore’s amazing score will be played by this incredible orchestra as the 3-hour film is projected live, alongside the musicians (very bad ass). The music of LOTR (yes my precious, I’m a fan), is considered among film music’s most complex and comprehensive work. If you’re in Munich this Spring, grab your tickets here for the shows which will surely sell out the 26th and 27th of March 2008. Rumor is this will happen stateside as well, presumably in NYC very soon. Thanks Jordan!

+41: Hubble 242 Serie: Starry-Eyed Surprise

We just can't get enough of Swiss based designers +41. Every time they come out with a sweet new design we get stars in our eyes and feel compelled to sing their praises. Their latest creation gives us a double dose of that starry eyed excitement. The Hubble 242 Serie, designed for Swiss skateboarding stalwarts Miguel Alzate and Micjky Iglesias, honors the duo with a pair of shirts and matching skateboard decks adorned with images akin to that which one my see while looking at the universe through the Hubble Telescope"¦making for a design that is truly light years ahead of its time.

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