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Last Cannon

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It is almost a euphoric moment, a private instance when you let a faint smile appear on your face that nobody else notices. I had one of these moments when I played Last Cannon for the iPhone. It’s rare that a game, especially for the Apple mobile platform, has all the key elements that make up a perfect experience – gameplay, artwork/graphics, music, controls. This hits on all points flawlessly. The story, told through journal entries, is of an post-apocalyptic world. You are the last of your kind after the knurlings rained down and destroyed your world. 

The developer counts Geometry Wars, Dr. Mario and Ikaruga among his inspirations and I can definitely see elements of each in the game. Last Cannon is available now in the iTunes store for just $0.99. Version 1.1 promises to bring online leaderboards which will definitely add another layer to the gameplay.  

As a bonus for the readers of, the creator has given us four download codes to give away. Just leave a comment below on what elements you look for in a good game and we’ll choose four of you at random.

America's Best DJ


The closest many of us will ever get to putting our hands on the wheels of steel is when they release a DJ game a la Rock Band. In the meantime, we can participate in DJ Times Magazine’s America’s Best DJ competition and summer tour. The editors of the magazine hand picked a list of 100 American-born DJ’s that they felt were at the pinnacle of their careers and were the best representatives of their respective music genre’s. Despite sharing a love for spinning, most fans rarely venture outside of their favorite styles. The 20 city tour, which kicked off May 2, aims to expose those fans to music they may not have listened to before. Fans are encouraged to vote online for their favorite DJ’s and they’ll have a chance to wine prize packages that include a trip for two to the closing party/award ceremony September 12 in Las Vegas.

Hunn Wai x Mein Gallery: Ping-Pong Dining

Any ping pong table can become a dining room table with the proper table cloth, but did you know that the early gaming tables were originally used for both purposes way back in Victorian times? Recalling the olden days when table tennis was an after meal form of amusement, Hunn Wai’s latest creation for Mein gallery is a table for eatin’ and pongin’. Equipped with regal timber legs, the DuPontâ„¢ Corian® surface comes adorned with French Rococo patterns mixed with iconic ping-pong imagery. The striking tabletop is perfect for kicking it super old school, whether you feel like supper or sport. Flower net is included.


The Oregon Trail iPhone App

I first remember playing The Oregon Trail back in first grade. Our screens may have only been green and black and our discs floppy, but we thought it was the coolest thing ever. In fact, it may have been one of my first experiences ever using a computer. I could ford the mightiest rivers and shoot the most squirrely squirrels–as well as the most seasoned frontiersman. Sure, I might have lost my wife and a few kids along the way, but they were dead weight anyways. You can imagine my surprise when I heard that a new version of The Oregon Trail is being released for the iPhone on February 28th. Now I’ll be able to die of dysentery and use Wikipedia to see what dysentery is, all while I’m on the go. This new version features updated graphics and game play, but I really hope they maintain the original integrity of the old-school game.

Vans iPhone Game

Not enough addictive stuff on your iPhone? Vans, makers of the original skate shoe, are about to drop a game for the iPhone and iPod Touch that resembles Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater but has the sweet perk of allowing you to pull tricks using the ever-versatile touchscreen. Check out the demo for a little preview. It looks just about ready and just needs a name, a little necessity that Vans has turned into a contest. Give it a title that pops their ollie and they’ll hook up an iPod Touch loaded with the game and a bundle of their gear.

Zontik Games

Fiends for competitive sit-down games, meet your Excalibur(s). From deluxe models of backgammon and chess sets to a Monopoly set so swank, you might as well play with real cash, Zontik Games take classic games and equip them with precision dice, hand stitched leather cases, and solid gold game pieces. If you’re looking to go a step further, Zontik has just introduced it’s Custom Deluxe component, which allows customers to go as extravagant as they can imagine.

Hunting with Palin

Though we might find this hard to fathom with all the hype right now, in a couple of weeks, hopefully Sarah Palin will be forgotten. Completely. So while she’s still relevant, we’ll let Atom help us enjoy her quirks with a game simpler than their previous election spoofs. Hunting with Palin is exactly what it sounds like. If you remember being able to handle hunting in The Oregon Trail, you’ll be on this for hours. And you’ll never have to ford the river.

Mortal Kombat + Politics

What’s more fun, Mortal Kombat or politics? If you guessed combining both into one amazing web game you are correct. Now is the time for Kung-Fu Election where you can pick your candidate of choice and battle MK style to the presidency. Representing the Democrats is Obama, Michelle and Biden versus McCain, Cindy and Palin. Each fight is to the death and no one “respects anyone’s service to America.” Sadly there aren’t any fishing moves but there are combos. The game is actually put together pretty well and kind of hard. One word of advice: don’t under estimate Palin. She does this roll on the ground thing and sneaks right by with a hockey stick stab. Totally killed me even though I have tons of experience with Moral Kombat from years ago. The game was developed by the awesome programmers at Starvingeyes Advergaming and sponsored by Adom.

You vs. Bolt

Jamaica’s Usain Bolt may hold the title of world’s fastest man, but we think you can take him. Even if your leg muscles have atrophied from all of that time you spend seated in front of your computer, you can still defeat this year’s Olympic gold medalist in both the the 100M and 200M dash. All you need is a pair of limber fingers, a computer and a little bit of heart. It also helps if you go to and check out the You Vs. Bolt flash game, which challenges users to outrun the irie island nation’s answer to The Flash as you go head to head, flapping your digits as fast as you can to hopefully best Bolt’s world record of 9.69 seconds. If at first you don’t succeed try, try, again…and let us know how you do. We finished in 9.68 seconds.

Smoke + Mirrors

No one’s going to believe you’re a master magician with a deck of plain old Bicycles. Your amateurish act might benefit from the addition of a little Smoke & MIrrors — which just so happens to be the name two new sets of cards from Dan & Dave, devotees to the art of card magic and flourishes. In their attempt to add a little style to sleight of hand, they’ve enlisted the assistance of reknowned artist Si Scott to put his design stamp on their classy card stock. All of the artwork on each deck has been illustrated by hand in pen and ink with the cards marked “Smoke” layed out on white and the “Mirror” cards done up in black. Each also comes with a specially designed pack. You’re sure to look like a pro with either pair of these Aces in the Hole, but in order to perform like one, you’re going to have to brush up on your skills.

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