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Garbage Scout

One thing I miss about living in New York City is the sheer amount of goodies you can find on the street during your daily commute. I used to see great furniture, records, books, and even the occasional electronics strewn about sidewalks and piled in towering dumpsters. The latest and greatest Google Map mash-up, GarbageScout, makes it easy to find great goodies ‘on a sidewalk near you.’ You can also post your own finds online, or by taking a picture with your camera phone and sending the message to with a short description. This is online collaboration at its finest.

Hey Google, Map this!

I’m always a little bit hesistant to mention another Google maps trick, but Wired has a really solid roundup article about all the hacks that have been developed, including the housing maps, that combines craigslist and Google Maps, as well as a new Google/Flickr Hack. Hacking Google Maps and connecting it with already valuable resources on the internet quickly became an identifiable and popular trend–and most of the results are now useful tools.

TIVO and Google Maps

I’ve been avoiding buying myself a TIVO for some time, but every-time I play with one– I want one. I just think I’d find myself watching TV way too often. Every now and then I see a TIVO hack that makes me want one even more, and the Google Maps/TIVO interface application is one of them. I know, I know, I cover google hacks way too often, but this one was too good to pass up. You can use the arrow keys to scroll around, channel buttons to zoom, number keys for zip codes, and of course switch between map and satellite modes. You can download it (and the source) here.

Google Search History

I’m not so sure how I feel about Googles new “Search History” service. It’s smart, obvious, and was only a matter of time for such a thing to be introduced–but I see a lot of privacy issues coming up for users who choose to use this function on a public machine. You have to have a Google account, which is easy to setup. Google History is almost trying to replace everyday browser bookmarks, and it also shows a search density calendar. You have to login for the feature to work–so it will be an easy feature to ignore, but maybe useful to some. Also, Wired has a good article discussing the privacy issues involed.


Buzztracker is a neat internet based software that “visualizes frequencies and relationships between locations in the Google word news directory. It does a pretty good job at showing how interconnected the world is–right now top 10 locations include Baghdad, Beijing, and washington–but it changes often. These google customizations are really bringing out some great utilities, and fun hacks!

Google Gulp

I’m not going to prank you all–i’m not that witty today–but Google sure is. Their prank, Google Gulp, is a riot. “Think fruity. Think refreshing. Think a DNA scanner embedded in the lip of your bottle reading all 3 gigabytes of your base pair genetic data in a fraction of a second, fine-tuning your individual hormonal cocktail in real time using our patented Auto-Drinkâ„¢ technology, and slamming a truckload of electrolytic neurotransmitter smart-drug stimulants past the blood-brain barrier to achieve maximum optimization of your soon-to-be-grateful cerebral cortex. Plus, it’s low in carbs! And with flavors ranging from Beta Carroty to Glutamate Grape, you’ll never run out of ways to quench your thirst for knowledge.”

Google Maps

Google has done it again with their Google Maps. Another awesome addition to their lineup of tools. It does directions, business location, and is totally awesome. You can pan and zoom in and out on locations with ease. It’s a little buggy in Safari and I.E. on the mac right now but they say they’re working on it.

Google Touch Graph

Holy cow this is cool! This is a graph created by Touch Graph that visually maps out all referrals, connections, and mentions using the google search engine. I really gotta give it up to the programmers behind this, this is amazing! You can get info on all of the surrounding links too. Hey look, there is urbanSPY in the middle! Is this the future of searching?

Google SMS

I figured it wasn’t long before Google did something like this, simple SMS query that performs a google search by sending a message to 46656 or GOOGL from your mobile phone with a query afterwards. For example, a query would be pizza 80302, which would tell me the closes pizza place to my house. It does buisness listings, residential listings, price comparisons from their service “froogle”, dictionary definitions, and a handful of other very useful stuff. Google really doing some great stuff eh’! Google SMS

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