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iPhone’s Pocket Heat


It’s cold in NYC. Like, really cold. This Hand Radiator iPhone App turns your iPhone into a hand warmer. This might be the smartest dumb thing I’ve ever seen. Or is it genius. I can’t decide.

The app puts your iPhone on overdrive, using 100% of its processing power. That, as you probably have noticed with some applications, makes the components to overheat, which in turn can warm up your hands

How bad is that for the battery life? Via Gizmodo

Stay app

I know it seems like iPhone app day here at JS, but this is a neat little post-lunch nap, pre-early happy hour time waster. Longtime reader Pete Anderson (aka Anthropophagy) sent us a note about his new iPhone game called Stay. It’s a simple deal: keep your shapes balanced on the beam while different types of blocks try to knock it off. Trickier than it looks. The full version will be in the iTunes store soon, but for now we have promo codes for the first three readers who comment on their favorite application.

HiMyTribe app

Accessing your favorite social nets on iPhone is currently a less than amazing experience, mainly because of the need to switch between networks, mapping, and contact information (it's enough to make a person frantic). But if the Paris company Never Alone Anymore has its way, the new HiMyTribe app will serve as the location-based people finder of choice. It uses the iPhone and iPod Touch's GPS capabilities to help people manage their groups (or professional and personal "tribes") and identify people they would want to meet who are in their vicinity. A criteria-based search engine helps you locate people with similar interests, including business travelers, friends of friends, conference goers"”even potential dates. (Imagine looking for a well-qualified designer who can meet you for espresso in Zurich on the fly.) There is a "blacklist" option, and exact locations aren't shown until the other user accepts. The free app, which the company describes as the "first truly real-time person to person application for the iPhone," allows for 20 tribe members globally, or there's a larger network option with a monthly fee.

iPhone Brushes for Artists


Last month, the iPhone Brushes app made headlines with The New Yorker cover, which Jorge Colombo finger-painted in less than an hour. New Brushes paintings are added to the Brushes Flickr group daily. So far, one of my top finds has been the work of Jhonen Vasquez whose 90s-era Johnny The Homicidal Maniac comic is a personal favorite. Writes the artist about his latest painting: “As is usually the case, this wee thing was started while waiting to feed on something or other, the way lions draw intricate images while waiting for a gazelle to run by.” The app even has a time-lapse video feature, so you can see the artists in action. Check out Vasquez’ brushwork here. Awesome.

Reflect: by Joshua Davis x Sideways Mobile

reflect.jpgreflect2.jpgMost people with any sort of artistic impulse don’t reserve their urge to create for when they’re seated in front of a canvas or holding their pen and sketchbook. The drive to innovate can strike at any moment and can be realized by the use of any number of resources. Last but certainly not least on that list of instruments susceptible for giving birth to the mother of invention is the iPhone. Reflect, A new app from our good friend/web design guru Joshua Davis and Sideways Mobile, encourages users to explore their spontaneous leanings by entering the universe of algorithmic art from the safety of their own cellular device. By giving users the power to “produce random, generative pieces, and then view them in a Kaleidoscopic filter” the iPhone turns into it’s own portable art gallery where the walls are covered with the whimsical wonders of your warped imagination…which is sort of a change from your usual, more practical iphone apps; though a whole lot more fun.



FingerBeat is a virtual instrument inspired by retro synthesizers & samplers, designed for creativity & self-expression. A homage to dance music and pop culture, FingerBeat is a classic for absolutely everyone. Only on iPhone & second generation iPod touch. You can check out a video of it here.

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