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Philips LivingColors

Unless you are some kind of extreme Grinch, there has got to be just a little bit of a soft spot in your heart for holiday lights. I know, I know … they can be tacky as hell, but there’s something festive about colored lights in the midst of winter. That said, the standard tools often can be a bit boring. What about some really design focused colored lights? Maybe even LEDs? Answer: Phillips LivingColors. They’re indoor lights with a remote control color wheel. Simple touch the desired color and the lamp fills the room with one of 16 million availble colors (check out the video on the Amazon page). It isn’t really recession friendly pricing at £92.99 a pop, but perfect for an upcoming party.


Lighting fixtures, Legos, and inflatables have never before converged. Now, Chile’s Rodrigo Alonso Schramm gives us Modulair, customizable inflated components which you assemble to create attractive hanging lights. By combining any of four modules (triangle, square pentagon and hexagon), you can build a light exactly to your taste. Of course, no matter what you do with them, Modulair lights maintain their futuristic ice crystal appearance. Adorn anything from your kitchen to the Fortress of Solitude.

Martyr Lamp

With all of the hard work you put into going “green” you might consider yourself a martyr for the environment. But would you ever stick your hand in a socket if it meant consuming less energy? Probably not. Thankfully, that’s not your job anymore Brother and Sister Earth. Dane Whitehurst of The Play Coalition has eliminated the need for your eventual electrocution with his creation of the Martyr Lamp. This little energy saving buddy, created from standard lighting fixtures and a plastic sheet, would rather unplug his own life than see you plug in a wattage guzzling halogen lamp. He utilizes a single golf ball bulb that will stay cool, light up, and conserve energy at the same time.

Via DeZona

Remake Light

One of the great things about traveling is getting to see some of the local design products. The instant I saw Remake Design’s wall light fixtures I knew I was looking at a gem. The light blocks break apart and plug into each other via magnetic plugs to create any block design you can dream up. Think building blocks but with lights and magnets. The light magnets are designed for optimal power distribution, and in most cases only one plug adapter is required for the entire structure. The lights come in various colors and look stunning. Check out the Remake Design website for some more examples of how to put these blocks together (including one by the guys?). The lights can be a little difficult to get your hands on. There is an online store, but we prefer them in the wonderful home design boutique in Brussels, Toit.

Blightster: Self-Contained Lamp

We’re all looking for ways to be more green. And one of those great ways is by reusing objects that we often throw away. For instance, our friend recently turned us on to reusing plastic take out containers as tupperware, so we can help save the earth and a little hard-earned cash at the same time. Blightster, a new product designed by Chilean artist Rodrigo Alonso follows the same approach. He’s taken a container that is often tossed out, incorporated a light within it and thus, transformed it into a versatile lamp.

Nori Morimoto's Light Sculptures

We came across Nori Morimoto’s light sculptures and were floored by their beauty and simplicity. Beyond their raw aesthetic value, Nori's creation of wood sculptures from sustainable sources adds a couple extra gold stars to his name. It is nice to see some progressive design getting back to its roots– literally. Now if he could only strike a deal with IKEA to get these out of the wild and into my living room!

Via Inhabitat

Goodnight Eileen

On the odd occasion we find ourselves perusing our personal library via candlelight, we usually have the misfortune of spilling hot wax all over our hands (and our leatherbound books). If you face a similar situation — or you just like the old fashioned idea of touring your darkened home like Uncle Scrooge — perhaps you’d enjoy the Goodnight Eileen lamp from Chilean designer Christine Birkhoven. The energy-efficient candle-shaped LED employs magnetic induction to deliver electricity to the lamp, using its ceramic base to recharge. We’ve also found romantic candlelit dinners are much more enjoyable without the fear of accidentally singeing your arm hair.

Elliot Golden

We love a good light show as much as anyone, but Elliot Golden has taken it to a sci-fi level. The fantastic lighting effects in the above image leave us terrified to ask what is dripping from that man's hands. Elliot comes from an illustration background, depicting the surreal world of bland working environments. His new work explores the possibilities of injecting that same feeling into human extremities. Whatever’s happening, it makes us want to watch old space monster movies with a black light on. Elliot has a new show that just opened in Williamsburg at the Heart and Soul Gallery.

Droog: Now @ 2Modern

In the past few years we’ve mentioned the Dutch design super-humans at Droog Design a number of times and we’re absolutely delighted to have their name roll off the tip of our tongue yet again. This time around these heroes of in-home artistry who specialize in creating products based on innovative concepts that change perspective and connect with the individual, have teamed up with our friends at 2modern to make their latest line of quality wares available at the design blog’s online shop. The collection features everything from a parasol to a variety of lamps and even a doorbell that utilizes wine glasses to create a musical welcome. If you’re looking for something unique, beautiful and functional…we recommend looking no further than these Droog goodies.

Kleber Matheus: Neo Ornamental

Just what we need right now "” someone to shed some light on the situation. Art director Kleber Matheus, whose graphic designs have found their way onto apparel from kingpin Brazilian labels Ellus and Neon, is getting props for his Neo Ornamental solo exhibit in Sao Paulo at Galeria Polinesia all done with neon tubes. Rather than be twisted into words that tell us whether a place is open or if it serves beer and pizza, he’s arranged them into geometrical forms and placed them in different settings like against a garden backdrop to offer up the discussion between organic versus the posed/manmade and how they can be used together in harmony to give off good vibes. Nevertheless, is it just me or do you feel like eating a hot dog all of a sudden?

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