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Six Word Memoirs

A picture may be worth a thousand words, but what kind of image can be painted in just six? An astounding one according to the storytelling enthusiasts at SMITH magazine. The literary periodical that places an accent on personal narrative has just the material to prove it. Their latest publication, “Not Quite What I Was Planning: Six Word Memoirs on Love and Heartbreak”is exactly what it claims to be, a sprawling collection of 500 not so lengthy meditations on romance, and heartbreak, from a selection of notable names such as Marc Ecko and Dr. Drew Pinsky, as well as the not-so-famous. Each sample uses a maximum of six words to get it’s point across and does so simultaneously with both an astounding simplicity and deceptive complexity. The book is currently on its second tour and will be stopping in at Denver’s Tattered Cover Bookstore (in Colfax) today, January 27th @ 7:30pm, where local readers will be showcasing some of their pieces. This is a six word sentence.

Shin Tanaka x Giant Robot

Our mom threw out our Voltron toys quite some time ago, and frankly it’s been too long since we’ve put together a badass mechanical friend. Thanks to a collaboration between Paper Artist Extraordinaire Shin Tanaka, Asian-American Pop culture periodical Giant Robot, and the Scion division of Toyota we’ll soon be able to feel whole again. Using templates found in four consecutive issues of Giant Robot, readers can create their own 4-in-1 mechanical beasts. Each issue will include instructions to make a bionic creation, but the ultimate goal is to collect all four to make an impressive robot  The current issue (#57) of Giant Robot hosts the second robot template, with the third hits stores on February 2009 — and you can even order the back issues from the site.

Paste Magazine x Obama x Zazzle

Face it, Shepherd Fairey is not going to be turning your likeness into an iconic poster anytime soon. Unless your name is Barack Obama — in which case, hello Mr. President! But that doesn’t mean you’re SOL. Paste Magzine and the Zazzle – a site that specializes in customizable retail objects – have teamed up to give you the opportunity to “Obamicon” yourself. Just upload an image or use your webcam, select a saying or write in your own, and share it with friends. You can even order U.S. stamps featuring your own mug. Stuck on ideas? Check out their gallery of top picks like “Fail” one featuring George W. Bush.

Clear Magazine

Another product to earn kudos for what it’s not (i.e. fattening or habit forming), Clear Magazine has become “100% tree-free” and is now being printed with YUPO synthetic paper. The Michigan-based design and fashion publication released its “fame underground” issue, including features on designers Arne Quinze and Martin Mariela and artist Kenji Yanobe, at Art Basel Miami Beach last month. A recently posted video with Clear‘s creative director Emin Kad explains that the paper is tear-proof and waterproof. Once purchased at fine newsstands worldwide, the issues can be put in recycling bins with other plastic items.


Sure, having everything online is nice, but nothing can replace the tactile feel of a great magazine. FUTU is a magazine that is doing things the right way. The Warsaw, Poland based bimonthly magazine is an international collaboration of design, art and future trends in luxury. Each issue is designed by some of the most prestigious graphic design studios in the world, including Studio8Design (UK), Albert Folch Studio (Spain) and Frost Design (Australia).

FUTU brings a new look to design, photography, fashion and luxury by combining the most advanced publishing techniques with the newest trends in graphic design and typography. Flipping though the pages creates a true experience, and as a result, readers receive a stimulating combination of articles, interviews, and art.

The latest edition has a limited circulation of 6,500 copies, is packaged in a specially designed carton, and come with a few extras (poster, stickers). If you want to pick up your own you’ll have to head to select book and concept stores in Paris, London, Milan, New York, Stockholm, Zurich, and Tokyo.


14 Days of Chrismukkah: One Year of FADER

The Gift: A one year subscription to your favorite magazine about music, style, and general fabulousness as well as the last four limited-edition 7-inch singles.

The Rules: Lots of people gathered around a table one day (or so the legend goes) to come up with the name (the) FADER. If you had a magazine, what would you call it? Reply in the COMMENTS section for a chance to win. (Give Me A Free Subscription To FADER isn’t really a great title name, FYI) Only one entry per reader. Duplicate entries will be discarded.

The Deadline: The contest is open now through midnight on 12/11

VNA Party Tonight!

Very Nearly Almost (VNA) enjoyed modest beginnings as handmade black and white photographic zine showing off all things dope about the culture and art scene on the U.K. streets. Slated to launch its seventh issue, the precocious periodical has blossomed into the top street art and graffiti glossy in the land of the Britons and beyond. Their latest issue boasts 84 pages on their favorite topics in full-color, including features on the stencil work French artist C215, a look at the New York/London crew and design collective One Trick Pony and plenty more off the urban creativity you crave. If you should find yourself down in London town tonight there’s still time to check out the shindig at Concrete Hermit from 6 to 9 p.m. If you don’t live in Europe don’t worry, you’ll still be able to secure a copy thanks to VNA’s international distribution and their online shop.

Interview in Soma Magazine

cover.jpg I’ll spare you all the details of what a Skype conversation from Tokyo is like, but there’s a nice little article about me in this months issue of SOMA Magazine. The article is called “Building Brands One Tweet at a Time: Josh Spear’s Digital Crystal Ball.” I’m blushing. No really, I’m blushing. I’d tell you all to go to the newsstands and buy it, but SOMA actually offers a digital version of it (page 24)! Save money and trees, and read it online. The picture didn’t really come out as expected — meant to be way more bad ass under the Torii gates to the Meiji Shrine in Tokyo. Damn art directors cropped out the top. Enjoy.

Playboy: The Art of Beauty

It may surprise you but there is more to Playboy than just the articles — there are also cartoons. Over the past 50 years the slightly risqué, yet always humorous, toons have become one of its most well-known features. Now you have the opportunity to snag one of theses original works of art for your personal collection at Playboy: The Art of Beauty. These 17 pieces, picked by Playboy‘s art curator Aaron Baker, represent some of the most extraordinary artists that have been showcased over the past half-century. The auction is being held on October 15 at Heritage Auction Galleries in Dallas.

The Pop Manifesto #5

While Qoob TV fills my musical void and helps me keep up on the tunes making it in the Northern Hemisphere, there’s still a whole wide world of music that I wouldn’t have any access to if it weren’t for The Pop Manifesto. Designed as an online magazine with the occasional accompanying music clip paired with a story, The Pop Manifesto profiles the type of artists you’d likely only get on a mix from your jet-setting Swedish friend: Delorean, The Tough Alliance, Sally Shapiro. The design is easy, the photos are fresh and to mix it up a little they’ve thrown in features on clothing brands as well as a sexy fashion spread. Call it coincidence, but the new issue does highlight a few hotties from the Scandinavian country. Maybe this time it will be you who who introduces a few new artists to your friend.

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