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Friends With You Giveaway!

cloud-king-print.jpegfriendship-flag-print.jpegplasma-boy-print.jpegblackfoot-poster-print.jpeg plasmaeyes_base.jpeg

We’re giving away some awesome signed limited edition prints from the fine folks at Friends With You. We’re giving away two prints to a couple random readers that comment on this post. Be sure to leave your email so we can keep you up to date on all things and contact you when you win (it will not be public if you put it in the field where it asks for email).

I’m a huge fan of Plasma Boy, such a classic. Good luck!

Update: US only, sorry international folks!

Dan Funderburgh: The Working Proof

Mail Attachment.jpeg Mail Attachment.jpeg

Our friend Dan Funderburgh just released a great new print through The Working Proof– an online print gallery with a mission of promoting art and social responsibility at the same time (through dead sexy limited-edition prints and art pieces like this one).

The print above is called Optimist Club/Midwestern Can Snake and is available in an edition of 75 for $40– 15% of the gross proceeds of this print goes right to Transportation Alternatives.

The Federation for the Advancement of Time Posters


My favorite non-profit tutoring center, 826LA, has just debuted the second round of its cheeky retro-future Time Travel posters done once again under the talented hand of local artist Amy Martin. If you recognize the look, that’s because you’ve seen them here last year, and they were such a success"”$30,000 was made purely in poster sales"”that the organization figured it might as well try its luck again. Witty with right-on messages, the 18″ x 24″ frame-ables help keep techno dreamers firmly planted in today’s reality. They’re only $19.99 plus shipping, and are available for pre-order with a ship date of Sept. 14. Way to go for thinking ahead of time!

Excuses Poster

Guilty Pleasure:

PTwitty's twitter account. His unleashed optimism are like attitude skittles I munch on throughout the day. So when I saw Matthew Anderson's "Excuses Poster" my gut reaction was to overcome! The poster is a gorgeous info-map guide to battling through all the excuses we tell ourselves. LET'S GO!!!!

LOST Underground Art Project


Fans of LOST who also happen to be underground art aficionados now have something to spend their time and money (and conspiracy theorizing) on til the TV show returns in 2010. What began as seemingly a prank on the part of comedian Paul Scheer has turned into a full-fledged ARG, where the “A” could just as well stand for “art” as much as “alternative.” Paul’s Damon, Carlton and a Polar Bear painting (see website of same name) was the beginning of a viral campaign containing LOST clues and resulting in a (staged) cease and desist letter from ABC. Now, with the help of Gallery1988, 16 artists are getting in on the action. Initially revealed on Sunday at a Dharma Initiative event with DJ AM and Steve Aoki, but available for purchase beginning today, is Tim Doyle’s take on The Numbers. Each of the 16 prints will be hand-pulled, hand-signed and numbered limited edition screenprints. Tim’s has glow-in-the-dark elements. Check it out before there’s a time shift and they’re all gone at

Star Wars x Full Metal Jacket


Great Star Wars and Full Metal Jacket mash up poster by artist and “graphic satirist” KENYONB. $30 and it’s yours.

Star Wars and Full Metal Jacket is like chocolate and peanut butter"¦ Darth Vader and Private Joker's helmet epitomize the duality of man, or "the Jungian thing, Sir." And even if you aren't picking up on my FMJ reference, you have to admit this is one badass looking poster. This is printed using clear gloss on matte black for the perfect black on black.

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