Calypso Crystal: Twitter Giveaway

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I’ve written about my love for the Calypso products in the past, particularly the amazing Italian leather iPhone case. I’m excited to announce a giveaway in partnership with CalypsoCrystal, and a fun one at that.

Here’s how to enter:

Send a tweet to @calypsocrystal and @joshspear with a picture of the saddest iPhone case you’ve ever seen. Beat up, no fun, un-sexy or just plain silly.

We’ll collect entries over the next couple of weeks and the winner will receive their very own bespoke CalypsoCrystal case.

Be sure to follow CalpysoCrystal on Twitter and Facebook.

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Incredible craftsmanship.

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Im-pressed Stationary

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Im-pressed was founded by Traci Keen just last year, but she has already built up a pretty wide and fun selection of stationary, greeting cards, and the like. A career change from corporate finance led her to the letterpress– away from computers and back to working with her hands (she completed her B.A. in Graphic Design at Simmons College in Boston).

I’ve got samples in my office and I can tell you it’s great stuff.

My favorites are definitely Mr. Collar and Mr. Hat!

Rinser Toothbrush


Inventor Scott Amron is at it again, this time turning tap water into a fountain for rinsing after brushing.

No disposable cups to buy or throw away. No glass to wash or take up counter space. No changing hands to cup water. And, no more putting your head in the sink. Just aim the fountain where you want the water to be.

You can pre-order for a presage price of $22 here.

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This brilliant experiment was created by Parsons School of Design student Lina Fenequito.

The Swap-O-Matic vending machine is designed for user to give, take, or swap anything that fits inside the compartments. People have traded items like original art, poems, clothing, metro cards, etc

The Swap-O-Matic recognizes that there is a thrill in getting things. The vending machine satisfies our desires for instant gratification, but it co-ops it and re-appropriates it to something that is a more sustainable method of acquisition, which is through swapping and trading,” said Fenequito…

To use the machine, one simply has to enter their e-mail address on the screen and choose whether they would like to donate, receive, or swap an item. Since none of the items in the machine is assigned a value, all item transactions work on a credit system. As a new user, you’re given three credits to begin with. A credit is earned each time you donate an item and it costs one credit to receive something. Swapping an item in the machine for something that you’ve brought doesn’t require any credits.

Feels totally in the zeitgeist right now and sparks some very powerful and interesting conversation about sharing and consumerism. Via BB

Audi’s Truth in 24

The Le Mans 24 Hours is a legendary race where drivers cover 4,800 kilometers in 24 hours – almost as many as the Formula One racers in a whole year.

The film “Truth in 24 II” (trailer above) documents the tenth and arguably most emotional triumph of the Audi brand with intimate insights into the team of Audi Sport and incredible pictures.

Looking forward to the full release– it’s available for download now on iTunes.

Thanks Richard!

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